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3 Tips For Training Your Bernese Mountain Dog

The kindest thing you can do for any pet is to train him well. The most common reason people give when they surrender a dog to a shelter is that they could not control him. Having a well-trained dog also means you can entertain friends and family without worrying about the dog jumping on them, stealing food or just being a general nuisance. This holds true for any dog (or cat), but it is doubly important when the dog in […]

History of the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a breed, known for its intelligence, loyalty and courage.  The American Kennel Club lists it as one of the most popular breeds based on AKC registration statistics. It consistently has remained in the top 10 most registered breeds. The German Shepherd is also a popular service dog due to not only its ability to be trained easily but also because it can retain that training for many years. Before they were a Breed The German Shepherd’s […]

A Brief History of the Golden Retriever

If you are looking for an intelligent, loving, energetic and loyal canine family member, you cannot go wrong with a Golden Retriever. The breed is considered one of the top ten dogs on any popularity list. Although originally bred to be a hunting dog, it has become a coveted family dog that enjoys helping out with simple chores such as bringing in the morning paper, playing fetch and participating in family activities. Brief Golden Retriever history In 1835, Lord Tweedmouth […]

A Brief History of the Labrador Retriever

When most people think of the origin of Labrador Retrievers, the assumption is that they come from Labrador. The truth, however, is more complicated. Same Dog, Different Name In the 1700s, Labradors were called St. John’s Dogs or also Lesser Newfoundland Dogs. This is because contrary to popular belief, the origin of these dogs is from Newfoundland and not Labrador. The Earl of Maimesbury imported the first of these dogs to England and it is he who bestowed the Labrador […]

A Brief History Of The Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed dog that originated in the upper elevation of Switzerland. Bern in Swiss is a specific area. The people of Bern were herders and dairymen and the dogs were kept to help work the herds. The Bernese Mountain Dog was recognized as a breed in 1907, and in 1937 was inducted into the American Kennel Club within the Working Dog Group. The Bernese Mountain Dog as a Breed In German, these dogs are […]

3 Tips For Training Your German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has been one of the most popular breeds in the world for years. From their distinct coloring to their loyal and playful attitude, German Shepherds embody what is so great about having a loving pet. Even though they can be the best of pets with little training, it will always behoove both owner and pet to instill a few learning techniques to make sure that their relationship is as good as possible. Listed below are 3 tips […]

A Brief History of the Beagle

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of walking a beagle will know why the breed has gained the nickname Four Legs and a Nose. Beagles rarely lift their noses from the ground, so intent are they on smelling everything on the route. Originally bred as hunters, Beagles belong to the hound group, specifically scent hounds, dogs who hunt using their scent of smell rather than their eyesight. The beagle’s extraordinary olfactory strength can be traced to his having 220 […]

A Brief History of the English Bulldog

People who are not familiar with the English Bulldog have no idea what a clown resides behind the grumpy sourpuss mask he shows to the world. if the breed’s popularity continues to soar, that unfamiliarity will not last for long. They currently rank sixth in overall popularity in the U.S. and enjoy the number one spot in Los Angeles. Then and Now The English Bulldog’s roots can be traced back to the 13th century British Isles where he was bred […]

Lovable Collie Puppies

Classified by the American Kennel Club as a herding breed, collies have been bred to respond affectionately and loyally to humans while maintaining a sense of charming individuality that captivates everyone interacting with them. Possessing beautiful, long-haired coats and elegant faces, collies make excellent family pets and are easy to train due to their intelligence, desire to please and sweet-mannered disposition. Caring for Collie Pups Playful, lovable and always ready for a game of catch, collie pups need sufficient daily […]

Care Tips For Ba-Shar Puppies

Many people rear dogs in their homes. Some do it because they want to reinforce security while others, it is purely a hobby. Therefore, it is important that the best breed is chosen. Ba-Shar puppies are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many people. This is because it is a mixed breed between Basset Homed and Shar Pen. As a result, they adapt easily to various climatic conditions. This attribute has made them one of the favorite breeds globally. Attractive […]