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The Friendly and Fun Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is about as close to a wolf as many of us will get as far as dog breeds are concerned. They aren’t actually wolves, of course, but they bear a slight resemblance, and they certainly have the strength and endurance that we typically associate with a wolf; however, a Malamute is most definitely a domestic breed, and one of the finest you can choose as well. Traditionally, we think of the Malamute as a sled dog, but […]

Choosing a Friend: The Westie

The Westie, whose actual name is the West Highland White Terrier, is a beautiful and brilliantly friendly breed that is enjoyable in any home. These days, we end up seeing a number of Westies in homes across America, and it’s no wonder; the Westie offers quite a bit to its owner that many other breeds don’t. However, there are many responsibilities that come with owning a Westie, just as there are with owning any dog breed, or, in fact, any […]

The Australian Shepherd: A No Nonsense Helper and Companion

The Australian Shepherd is one of those breeds of shepherd dogs that people just absolutely love, and if this is a breed you are considering for your family, then you are in for quite a treat. Of course you want to ensure that you are choosing the right breed for you and your family when choosing a dog, so it’s important that you identify both the strengths and the needs of each breed that you are considering. In the case […]

A Friend and Companion in the German Shepherd

Few breeds offer so much as the German Shepherd, with German Shepherd puppies quickly becoming the puppy-of-choice for many. Sure, there are the scrappy lap dogs and the super-friendly labs and the tough-looking bulldogs, but few are quite as majestic, as powerful, as obedient, as intelligent, and as strong as the German Shepherd dog. That’s why so many people are choosing this world-renowned breed as the friend, companion, and guardian of their home, in addition to their role as a […]

The Most British of Bulldogs

It’s the dogs we see on film and television, the ones that have distinctive and iconic looks to them, that we most often end up adopting. It’s kind of a self-sustaining loop: with everyone choosing those breeds, they become more ubiquitous, and thus more people see them and choose those breeds for themselves, and so on, forever and ever! Well, maybe not forever, but at the very least many breeds experience bouts of popularity that lead to quite a bit […]

Finding the Best Breeder for You

Finding a good dog is important to you; this is someone who is going to be in your life for years, if not decades, to come. As such, it’s absolutely vital that you ensure the breeder you are buying from is someone who is 100% the best you can work with. While not all breeders are puppy mills, not all breeders are created equal, and you can expect varying levels of quality and care from different breeders. Yet, for someone […]

4 Problems Facing Your Dog This Summer

You’ve got a lot to look out for this summer when it comes to your dog, everything ranging from the weather to travel to food to just about every other aspect of their life. Let’s face it: when you have a dog you love and care about, you practically have a child – one who has perhaps a little less sense and a lot more energy and excitement than a human child would! As such, your dog needs you to […]

Help Your Dog Get Out More!

Dogs are, quite naturally, social animals. That’s no wonder, considering the symbiotic relationship their species has formed with ours over the years, both of us getting quite a bit out of a relationship that is essentially social in nature. We bond and connect with each other while also performing services for one another ranging from protection to food to other great benefits. However, dogs are ultimately still animals, and just as in the case of humans, if they are not […]

3 Ways Dogs are Great For Your Mental and Physical Health

Oftentimes, dogs are trained to be therapeutic pets, going from hospital to hospital and offering up their services as friends and companions to those in need of a speedy recovery. The positive impact these pets can have on patients is a medical fact, and it’s a wonderful thing to see someone’s face light up when a therapy dog enters the room. However, did you know that a dog doesn’t have to be a trained therapy dog to offer similar benefits […]

Five Minutes to Heatstroke: Is It Safe to Leave Your Dog in the Car?

With summer here, the weather is rapidly heating up, and that means we’re going to have to begin changing how we do things. That can include cranking up the A/C, keeping the blinds and curtains closed to save on energy bills, doing your utmost to stay hydrated, among other things. However, it isn’t just you that is going to be heavily impacted by the shift in weather; your dog is also having to contend with the increasing temperatures, and canines […]