Country of Origin: United States
  • Activity Level: high
  • Grooming Level: low
  • Trainability: low
  • Adaptability: low
  • Kid/Pet Friendly: often
  • Average Size: Large
  • Average Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Prey Drive: high
  • Watchdog: chill
  • Registered?: aca

American Bulldog Breed Profile

Owner Experience
Activity Level
Life Span
Did You Know?

This dog breed loves children. Overall, American Bulldogs are affectionate, gentle, and fun-loving. They are generally good with other animals, but may get aggressive when there is food involved.

The coat is short, close, hard, and stiff to the touch. This breed of dog sheds regularly and, thus, brushing its coat regularly is a good idea.

American Bulldogs may be a bit stubborn, but are always looking to please their master.

This dog breed loves to be taken for walks and play outside.

Shoulder height: 20 – 27 inches. Weight: 60 – 125 pounds.

An American Bulldog generally lives for 10 – 15 years.

Chance, one of the stars from the Homeward Bound films, was an American Bulldog. An American Bulldog was also featured in the 1994 remake of The Little Rascals as Petey and as the family pet in Cheaper by the Dozen.