3 Myths About Dog Breeders

dog breeder mythsMyths About Dog Breeders

When seeking to get a new dog for yourself, your family, and your household, you will find yourself looking at a lot of different dog breeders, trying to decide which one is right for you. That’s right; you’re not just looking for a dog, you’re looking for the right person to have reared that dog. You see, the condition of a dog’s birth and puppyhood, as well as the care given to their breeding, is vital to your happiness as well as the health and happiness of your future dog. Yet it is easily to get caught up in various myths about dog breeders today, which can only complicate your search; let us help you dispel some of these myths:

  1. Breeders Cause Overpopulation

You don’t need to worry that by buying from a breeder, you are contributing to overpopulation by encouraging them to produce more and more pets. The truth is that while most breeders indirectly contribute to overpopulation, there are many who work to ensure that they only breed the correct amount of dogs, though there are those who overproduce puppies to appeal to impulse buyers.

  1. Professional Breeders Contribute Most to Overpopulation

In fact, it is puppy mills that contribute the most to overpopulation. For those organizations, it isn’t quality but quantity that happens, which also allows for genetic defects and serious illnesses to be passed on into the gene pool and into your home, much to your new dog’s dismay. For puppy mills, it’s all about making as much money as quickly as possible.

  1. A Dog from a Breeder is Selfish

Some think that in adopting a dog from a breeder as opposed to a shelter, they are being selfish and robbing a dog from an opportunity to be saved from the shelter. Yet dogs are all individuals, and for most people, not just any dog will do, just as not just any friend will do. Choosing to adopt from a dog breeder means choosing to have a very particular kind of friend, and who shouldn’t be particular about that?