6 Famous Dog Accounts to Follow on Instagram

famous dog accounts instagramNo matter what kind of animal you’re obsessed with, the internet is a gold mine of resources! It’s full of hilarious videos, pictures, and stories. You can spend hours upon hours exploring all of that content.

Finding cute dogs on Instagram can bring a smile to your face, even if you’re not a dog person. Here are some of the most adorable Instagram accounts featuring dogs:

1. Three Chunky Bulldogs

The bulldogs at @3bulldogges are definitely having fun–you can tell from their little doggie smiles. There are actually four of them now: Sumo, Ayuki, Tonka, and Mochi. They take on many personas and even have their own Etsy shop!

They eat a lot of doughnuts and raid the fridge on the regular. They also have a taste for Frappuccinos. When they’re being extra decadent, you can catch them bathing in Lucky Charms marshmallows.

2. Bouncing Baby Bulldogs

If you like bulldogs but puppies are more your style, check out @theworldofbullies. This family has their hands full with (at least) three bulldog puppies who could not be cuter. There’s something irresistibly cute about bulldogs planting their little bodies in human-like positions. Catch them floating in a pool, nursing, raiding the fridge, or just floppin’ around.

3. Cuddly, Quirky Dachshunds & Weimaraners

If you love Dachshunds and Weimaraners, check out @harlowandsage. This family has four pups, named Harlow, Sage, Indiana, and Reese. You can catch them snuggling, playing, and posing. You can even catch a sneak peek at what they look like watching a scary movie. The dachshunds, Harlow and Sage, are the ones you will normally see in costume, like hockey players!.

4. Ladylike Shih Tzu

@Marniethedog is an 18-year-old Shih Tzu whose owner adopted her from a shelter at age 11. Her signature look–her only look–is to smile with her tongue out and her head tilted to the left, and she is so cute it’s almost unbearable. You can catch her drinking from a glass of water, eating sushi with a friend, or pigging out on Super Bowl Sunday.

5. Cute, Domesticated Fox

Although foxes are not quite considered dogs, someone on Instagram has one as a pet. The account has almost three million followers. So if you ever wondered what the life of a domesticated fox is like, you now have the opportunity to find out.

Juniper the fox (@juniperfoxx) works on the computer and loves to roll around in the grass outside. She has the cutest smile with a little snaggletooth that sticks out.

6. Three Fashion Models

One of the adorably fluffy stars of the account called @buddyboowaggytails actually modeled jewelry in the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. The three fluffy pups, named Buddy, Boo, and Blue, are members of three different breeds. All of them have a similar light tawny coloring.

They can be seen dressed up in cute outfits, playing with a toddler, chowing down side by side, or just living their lives day-to-day. You can even catch them on the tennis court! They are so cute, you’ll want to dive through the screen and snuggle with them.

If you’re a fan of Instagram, follow these 6 accounts – they’ll fill your feed with adorable, funny content to make you smile!