Adorable Famous Wiener Dogs 

DoggoDachshunds are perhaps the one of the most unique breeds of dog given their stubby (but adorable) little legs, and their characteristic long bodies. Interestingly enough, the affectionately dubbed wiener dog was once a fairly prolific hunter, and great for chasing after burrowing animals like badgers, rabbits, and foxes, and have even been used to trail wild boar!

While most don’t think of the dachshund as a mighty hunter, that’s not to say that they don’t enjoy seeing them in the limelight. There have been a lot of wiener dogs made famous, thanks to the internet. Here are a few that you’ll be sure to enjoy:

Rusty the Narcoleptic Puppy

Narcolepsy is a sleeping condition that is commonly found in humans which cause them to experience sudden onset of tiredness or sleepiness known as a “sleep attack.” This can create some very dangerous conditions for people who suffer from narcolepsy, especially when operating heavy machinery such as a car. However, narcolepsy can also be found in animals, such as the case of Rusty the Narcoleptic Puppy. One of our favorite videos of Rusty shows him happily trotting across the lawn before suddenly falling over for a nap. Poor little guy!  Fortunately for Rusty, there’s no concern for him falling asleep behind the wheel, making the situation less dangerous and more adorable.

The Adventures of Crusoe

What do you get when you put a dachshund in a cardboard cutout of a police car and have him chase his brother Oakley down the hall? A good laugh at a much needed time. As famously adorable dachshunds go, perhaps one of the most famous (and adorable) adventures of the wiener dog comes from Crusoe. Crusoe not only has his own blog page, but there are a number of videos of his antics on YouTube. Crusoe’s rise to fame started when his owner, Ryan Beauchesne, wrote a New York Times bestseller titled The Adventures of a Wiener Dog Extraordinaire: Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund.

Celebs and Their Dachshunds

You know you’ve got something going for you when your breed is one of the preferred choices of dogs for a number of celebrities. From JFK’s Dunker to Adele’s Louie, wiener dogs have been getting a lot of love as celebrity companions all around the world. Some Dachshunds have even earned themselves the title of Hero, like Blackie, who saved John Wayne’s wife and 20-month-old daughter from a fire back in 1958.

Of course, not all wiener dogs necessarily make it into the spotlight. Some just live a quiet and simple life at home with their family. Dachshunds are a very intelligent and playful dog breed, who are more than happy to chase around small objects and enjoy a spot of playful mischief every now and again. If you’re looking for a breed that does well in apartments or other smaller living spaces, gets along famously with children, and is an all-around delight to have as your companion, then a dachshund might be the perfect breed for you!

If you’re looking for a Dachshund puppy, just make sure you’re buying from a reputable breeder to get a puppy that is both healthy and well cared for.