5 Adorable and Hilarious Examples of Dog Logic

dog logicMaybe your dog is the smart one in the family, or maybe he’s… not the brightest bulb. Either way, dogs definitely have a different way of reasoning than we do, and it’s fun to try to figure out their motivations. Let’s jump into the mind of a dog and figure out some examples of dog logic!

1. Let me in! I need to go back out again!

If you’ve ever been mystified by this pattern of behavior – your dog begs to be let in the house, only to beg to be let out – let’s try to think like a pup. Maybe they so love the feeling of freedom as they’re leaving the house that they want to experience it as many times as possible.

If they tend to do this often in the warm seasons, they may be making up for not being able to leave the house as frequently during the winter. Certain breeds may even have a lifetime quota to fill. If you get impatient with this pattern of behavior, just remember that the feeling of leaving the house could be one of the top pleasures in your dog’s life.

2. Licking fixes everything.

Your dog may be more empathetic than most people you know. But, dogs have different ways of showing concern, and perplexingly, most of them involve licking. This goes back to the ancient canine practice of licking one’s wounds. So, instead of the usual sense of hilarity, receive your dog’s kisses as the magical protection from evil that they are.

3. They have to turn around 50 times before sitting down happily.

Have you ever seen your dog do this? Going in a tight circle a zillion times seems to make whatever perch they’re about to sit on infinitely more comfortable? Or, you know, at least bearable. It’s really all about perspective. In order to position themselves in the best way possible, your dog has to see the perch from every angle.

Then, they can feel safe and comfy sitting down. Plus, the action helps stomp and mold the space into one that is sure to be as comfy as possible. You know, life is short and you don’t want to spend any time sitting in a suboptimal position.

4. What are you cooking? I want it. Even if it’s something I wouldn’t eat in a million years.

Usually, dogs will beg for anything, even though there are many foods they don’t even like, or that are toxic foods for dogs. Why are they always begging?

Dogs know that humans are very susceptible to forming habits and that there is a certain power dynamic in every relationship between a human and a dog. It’s important that they beg for absolutely everything because if you get in the habit of offering them a wide selection of human food, it benefits them greatly. Of course, they may not have the sense to know what they are allergic to, so it’s important that you stand firm and don’t falter under their influence.

5. There’s someone at the door! Everybody! Quick! On high alert!

You might think your dog gets way too excited when someone comes to the door. To them, it may always seem like a crisis. But, think about it from their perspective! Anyone – literally anyone – could be standing behind that door.

They’ve seen the Alien movies. They’ve seen Batman, and they also know about the criminal element in society from watching Law and Order with you all winter. As dogs have been bred to do for centuries, they just want to protect their family.

Some of your dog’s behavior may seem irrational at first. Some of it may be, but it’s likely most of their behavior makes sense, at least when you look at it from a canine perspective.