Must-Have Beach Gear for Your Dog

beach gear for your dogWhether you’re going down for the day, or the whole week, a beach trip needs some supplies! It’s a great idea to equip you and your pup with fun and practical beach accessories. Here are a few pieces of useful beach gear for your dog:

1. Buoy Toy

A buoy toy* (Amazon Affiliate Link) will not only keep your pup entertained, but it’s stylish, too! There are several different varieties and, quite handsome, color combinations. Look for a buoy toy that is made of non-toxic rubber and will be durable enough for your dog.

2. Royal Canopy

Your dog will feel like royalty lounging on a comfy cot and canopy combination. On a cot* (Amazon Affiliate Link) beneath a lightweight canopy designed to block out the sun’s rays, they’ll live it up! A pet cot canopy offers a great way to keep your pooch relatively cool and safe from overheating on the beach.

When you take your pooch to the beach, always be sure they have a good source of drinking water. Remember, dogs have a harder time cooling themselves off than humans and they can easily overheat, which can lead to dangerous territory like heat stroke.

3. Beach Apparel

This hilarious Hawaiian-style dog shirt* (Amazon Affiliate Link) is sure to make your pup the best-dressed dog on the beach. If you are unaccustomed to purchasing clothing for your dog, make sure you measure your dog and check out the sizing charts before you buy. Look for a lightweight shirt that is almost full-coverage on your dog’s back, but also offers a “high-cut, stay-dry belly”, just in case your pup wants to prance in the shallows.

If your dog is more of a girly-girl, you can opt for an adorable, beach-themed sundress* (Amazon Affiliate Link) instead. It will not only make them super-fashionable, but you can also look for one that is specially-treated to offer protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

4. Life Jacket

An adorable dog life jacket* (Amazon Affiliate Link) will let your dog play in the water safely. Choosing one with a colorful design will tempt you with endless photo ops. If you go with one that has bright colors, it will also provide high visibility!

The life jacket you choose should feature handles as well. These are attached. So, if you see your dog having trouble in the water, like being swept out of reach by a current, you can easily grab them and haul them to safety. A piece in the jacket’s front end will help to keep their head above water as well.

5. A Handy Anchor

A stake* (Amazon Affiliate Link) would come in handy on any trip. If you don’t feel comfortable letting your dog off the leash, or are not allowed to do so, give a dog anchor a try! It will anchor your dog and still allow them to move around and explore the area without escaping – as long as you get one strong enough to withstand your dog. This product would be ideal for camping at the beach.

Getting the right beach gear for your dog can help you and your dog have a safe and fun day at the beach. While you’re having fun at the beach, always remember to keep an eye on your pup – especially in rough seas. Swimming in the ocean can be very dangerous. Currents are unpredictable, and the lifeguard may be more focused on struggling humans out in the turbulent waves.

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