4 Benefits of Dogs Using Treadmills

large black fluffy dog on a treadmill

When you think of running or walking on a treadmill, you probably think of a human doing it. But, many dogs can be trained to use treadmills too. And, doing so safely can offer several benefits to both them and you. Here are a few benefits of dogs using treadmills:

1. Give Your Dog Another Outlet for Their Energy

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise is essential to their health and happiness, and yours as well. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise often end up getting into trouble or engaging in destructive behaviors. In fact, misbehaving and destructive behavior, like digging, chewing, and more, can all be signs your dog isn’t getting enough exercise.

There are many reasons a dog might misbehave or exhibit destructive behavior, but having too much energy because they haven’t gotten enough exercise or boredom tend to be the most common. Training your dog to use a treadmill can be helpful in making sure they get enough exercise and in reducing these issues. A treadmill should not replace outdoor walks and activity entirely, but it does help provide another option for your dog to use up some energy.

2. Your Dog Can Get Enough Exercise Regardless of Weather

Many dog breeds tend to slow down in the summer heat and winter cold. Unless they’re one of the dog breeds that love winter, they’ll likely need a little less exercise than usual as winter sets in. Even so, they still need daily exercise.

But, making sure your dog gets enough activity can be a challenge when the weather isn’t cooperating. High temperatures, cold temperatures, snow, rain, and other weather issues can limit your options for activity. When your dog can use a treadmill safely, with your supervision, they are sure to get enough exercise no matter what the weather is like outside.

However, it is possible to overdo it, so you do want to consult your vet before starting and monitor for signs your dog is getting too much exercise. Keeping an eye on things and consulting with your vet beforehand and as needed can help things stay in moderation and avoid injury to your dog.

3. It’s a Stress Reliever, Especially for High-Energy Dog Breeds

Just as exercise can help relieve stress for you, the same is true for your dog. High-energy dog breeds, in particular, can get stressed and anxious when they don’t get enough exercise or just need to get rid of some extra energy. In these cases, a treadmill can be a great solution, especially when other options for exercise are not available.

4. You Can Help Your Dog Slowly Increase Endurance and Muscle Tone

Because a treadmill can provide some low-impact walking, it can be a great way to help your dog slowly increase endurance and build muscle tone. As long as it’s been cleared by your vet, using a treadmill to walk can help senior dogs keep up muscle tone, help dogs recover physically after healing from an illness or injury, help overweight dogs get healthy, and more.

These are just a few benefits of dogs using treadmills. Before putting your dog on a treadmill, make sure you talk to your vet first, consult a professional who has experience training dogs to use treadmills, and follow all safety recommendations. There are many benefits, but there are also many dangers when treadmills are involved and your dog can easily get injured if you aren’t careful.