Where Are They Now? Lulu

Lulu Collie Where Are They Now? Lulu

Lulu was the runt of her litter but has always made sure that her voice was heard. Her and Fargo (her half brother) have grown up together since they were adopted and while Fargo towers over her she makes sure he knows that she is the boss.

As a Pup

When we first welcomed Lulu into our family she was hesitant to say the least. She would often run away from men and cower while being pet. It was hard to coax her out of her kennel for playtime and walks. We wondered if she would ever truly accept us as her family. With time, however, her confidence grew as she spared with Fargo and after successfully capturing the Frisbee from him she realized that she could hold her own. While she is still nervous around new people she is an incredibly affectionate and loving dog who is always ready to watch a movie with you (as long as you share the popcorn) or go for a hike.


Unlike Fargo, Lulu did not grow much more after we adopted her. While she definitely grew horizontally after she discovered the Milkbones jar had fallen while we were away, she is still tiny but mighty.

She is able to keep up with Fargo despite the difference in stature and often helps keep the old man (our older dog, Rudy) company as Fargo trots away after the tractor. She is also the first to come out of the fields after a long days work on the farm. While she loves running around the nursery, she knows mealtime is coming up and she wants to make sure she is first in line.

Border Collies for saleWhat’s in store for Lulu Belle?

She is none-too-happy about it but recently Lulu has been put of a diet since her last vet visit. This way she will be able to keep up with the goings on of the farm without getting hurt or exhausted. Since we began her diet she has perfected pathetic puppy eyes during mealtime and will often nudge the bowl toward you after she is done as if to say, “More?”

Luckily she is always more than happy to go for a walk or run around the woods looking for rabbits and squirrels. She is a great hiking partner and is not afraid to challenge any danger.

My family is thrilled to have Lulu in our lives and we are so glad she finally accepted us as her pack. We hope she has a long and healthy life and we can send you many more updates.