4 Celebrities with Adorable Corgis

CorgiThousands, if not millions, of people all over the world love the stumpy little fluffballs called Corgis. Celebrities are no different.

Corgis are the dogs for everyone. They are compact, loving, funny, active, and intelligent pups that can be in families small and large. Many celebrities find Corgis great because they are patient, sweet pups that are happy to travel with their owners.

Here is a short list of the short pups and their famous owners:

Betty White

Betty White, one of the main characters of a well-loved sitcom The Golden Girls, has a sweet little stumper named Bandit. This corgi is a tricolor Pembroke Corgi that loves traveling with the comedienne and sitting on the set of her many projects. You are most likely to find Bandit on White’s lap either napping or accepting belly rubs.

Keifer Sutherland

Keifer Sutherland owns a small Pembroke Corgi named Mr. Peterson. Mr. Peterson can be regularly found on set or during band practice.

Steven King

The king of horror has his own little Corgi named Molly, a.k.a. The Thing of Evil. Molly is a small tricolor Pembroke Corgi that loves naps, snacks, belly rubs, and devouring the souls of her enemies. She has her own Twitter and Facebook pages with thousands of followers. She is often on tour with King or can be found under the desk in his office.

Queen Elizabeth

Possibly the most famous Corgi owner, Queen Elizabeth, currently owns one Corgi named Willow and two Corgi-Dachshund Mixes, called Dorgis, named Vulcan and Candy. The most Corgis she has owned at one time was five. While that may not be too many, these pups are the descendants of 30 Corgis.

The Queen began breeding Corgis when she was given a corgi on her 18th birthday. She has loved them from a young age because of her love for their intelligence and disposition. They were once so plentiful in the palace that Princess Dianna referred to them as the, “moving carpet.”

Nowadays, the Queen has decided to stop breeding the line after the death of her pooch, Monty. She has decided it would be too painful to introduce a new pup into the pack and will have her two pups living out their golden years in the lap of luxury.

If you decide to adopt a Corgi be sure to adopt from a reputable breeder or shelter. There are plenty of Corgi pups ready to find their forever home and even more adult and senior Corgis in shelters ready to spend their golden years with you.