12 Cute Christmas Card Dog Photo Ideas

small puppy walking through a house with a santa hat in its mouth

If you like sending out Christmas cards, you probably are trying to decide what theme or pose to use. And like many dog owners, you’ll be sure to include your four-legged friend! So as you plan, here are a few cute Christmas card dog photo ideas to inspire you!

1. Cute and Cuddly

Sometimes, dogs show love by cuddling with you. Why not use that as a pose for your Christmas card? Have your dog sit in your lap if they’re the right size or have them cuddle up next to you! You can go for a sweet, posed photo or a candid one if you hope to catch some humorous shots!

2. Go for a Walk

Walking your dog is part of your daily life and probably the highlight of your dog’s day. Why not capture that moment for your Christmas cards?

Action shots of you and your dog are always a good choice because your dog will be occupied. This should help a photographer get some good shots of your dog in their element. These shots offer a nice glimpse into the reality of life with your dog.

3. Use Dog Puns

Everyone loves a pun now and then and a Christmas card is a great time to use them. Choose a nice photo of you and your dog or any photo you like.

Try something like, “We Woof You a Merry Christmas” or “Happy Howlidays!” It’s a fun, lighthearted way to incorporate your love for your pup into your holiday greetings.

4. Light Them Up

Dogs and Christmas lights are a fun combination for a card! Either pose your pup in front of your Christmas tree or in front of other festive lights.

Another fun idea is if your dog is interested in the process of putting up the lights, drape your pup in a few strands of lights, and plug them in. This will make a unique photo and lasting memories!

However, watch your dog’s body language and if your dog shows any signs of anxiety or fear, don’t force this idea on them. There are plenty of ways to incorporate lights into your card.

5. Dress Up Your Pet

Everyone loves a dog in a cute costume! If your dog is okay with it, try dressing them up in reindeer antlers or a fun Santa hat!

Try a loosely tied festive bandana or bow if that’s too much. This photo will certainly bring smiles to many friends and family, and will be a treasure for you, as well.

6. Get a Candid Photo

Go through your photo collection or try to set aside some time to snap a candid holiday shot. A great time to get a candid shot is when you’re decorating for the holidays. Keep an eye on your dog for any photo opportunities. They might investigate the tree, or check out the lawn decorations.

7. Catch Them in the Act

Every dog gets into some innocent trouble every now and then. Catching them in the act can make a cute and funny Christmas card photo. Have your camera out and when your dog thinks you aren’t looking or paying attention, see what you might catch. Or, set out some treats somewhere and see what happens.

8. Pose Like a Family

If your dog is your child, why not pose with them in a traditional family-style pose? If it’s just you and your dog, stand behind them or kneel beside them with your arm gently resting on their head or their back.

If you share your dog with a partner, a cute pose can be to hold your dog between the two of you or have them stand between you. To up the cute factor, put on matching pajamas or sweaters. And if you have kids along with your dog, make sure your dog is included in the family photo.

9. Get in Front of the Tree

If a Christmas tree is part of your tradition, posing your dog in front of the Christmas tree is always a classic idea. Before starting, make sure to pet-proof your Christmas tree!

If your dog’s up for it, you can try putting them in a festive sweater or draping a wreath around their neck. But even just a simple pose of your dog in front of the Christmas tree will be a lovely photo.

10. Focus on Your Dog

Dogs are often at the center of our world. Why not highlight that in a photo Christmas card? Put your dog front and center of your photo and ask your photographer to focus on the dog rather than you. That way, you and any other family members are still in the photo but the attention is on your dog. This can be a funny photo or you can go any more serious direction.

11. Pose Your Dog and Kids Together

A dog is a child’s best friend. Showcase that special relationship and make a Christmas card photo. You can either take a candid shot of your dog with your children or you can pose them. Try posing them in front of the Christmas tree or on the couch.

12. Have Them Play and Pose With a Favorite Toy

To encourage your dog to cooperate during a photo shoot, make sure they have their favorite toy with them. You might be able to catch some great candid shots of them playing with their toy. You can also try posing them with their favorite bone or toy since that’s such a special part of their life.

These are just a few cute Christmas card dog photo ideas to inspire you. Be sure to take note of your dog’s behavior and if they seem uncomfortable with the photography process, take a break and try another approach! There are plenty of tips and great ways to take your dog’s picture you can try.