Top 10 Most Common Dog Names

common dog names - two dogs under a blanketIf you’re ready to add a puppy to your life, you’ll need to think about names. Even if the puppy you choose to buy or adopt already has a name, you may choose to rename them. If you find yourself stuck when coming up with a name that fits, here are some of the most common dog names and a bit of meaning behind each one to help inspire you:

Female Dog Names

1. Bella

Bella has Latin roots and is known as the word for “beautiful” in Italian and Latin. It also relates to the other romantic language, French, that uses the word Belle. Belle or Bella is a popular name for dogs big and small to describe their outer and/or inner appearance.

2. Lucy

Lucy is a feminine name derived from the French and English language. It originates from the masculine name Lucius which means “as of light”. This name is popular for those pups born at day break or if they have a sunny disposition.

3. Molly

This name originated as a nick name for a girl named Mary during the Middle Ages. It has become more popular as a human and dog name since it became independent from the name Mary in the U.S. Molly’s are known as down-to-earth and likable and is still a popular name in parts of Ireland.

4. Daisy

Daisy is commonly known as light, wholesome, and energetic. It is said to derive from the flower’s name. It’s also ones of the best Disney-inspired dog names.

5. Maggie

The Latin origin of Maggie is the Latin word for pearl, margaritum.

Male Dog Names

1. Bailey

Bailey is a name for both boys and girls. The root word for Bailey means “bailiff” and is popular in the U.S. Bailey is said to be smart, friendly, and strong.

2. Max

Short for Maximilian, it means “the greatest,” or as Maxwell, it means “great spring.” Max can be both for males and females but is most popular for boys.

3. Charlie

Charlie has roots in the Old English word for man, Ceorl. Charlie is often known to be a carefree, fun-loving person who is friendly and sweet.

4. Buddy

This name comes from the English language and is known to be friendly, charming, and caring.

5. Rocky

The meaning of Rocky supposedly means “rest” and comes from the Italian name Rocco.

There are plenty of tips for naming your new puppy, and looking at popular names can help get you started. Now that you have the most popular names for both female and male pups, you can make a more educated decision about your pup’s name and what you want to highlight of their personality. You can also take inspiration from some of the best food-related dog names for something more fun.