How to Create a DIY Obstacle Course for Your Dog

tunnel and jump in diy obstacle course for dogConsidering doing some agility training with your pup? It can be a great way to bond and get their boundless energy out in a constructive way, but going to a proper course regularly can be a hassle. Purchasing your own pre-constructed course for at-home use can run the gamut as well, costing anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. Luckily, most of the pieces of an agility course can be built on your own fairly easily. Check out our quick instructions on what you’ll need to put together your own DIY obstacle course:

1. PVC Hurdles

The first piece of your obstacle course is one of the easiest to build. You’ll need to pick up some PVC pipe measured to the height you need – two pieces vertically, one for the horizontal bar to jump over, and two for the feet so it doesn’t fall over easily. You’ll also want to pick up two L-bend pieces to attach the horizontal jump bar, and two T pieces for attaching the feet. Put these together with some epoxy and you’re done!

2. Hanging Tire Jumps

This piece is a little more difficult and likely requires some woodworking. Thinking of how a swing set is laid out is the best way to imagine what we’re going to build. First, you’ll create two identical angles, then connect them with a single beam. This will create a sturdy wooden frame that we can now attach a tire to using a chain. If you’re worried about weight or don’t want to use a tire, you can always hang up a hula hoop instead.

3. Adapted Tunnels

These tunnels can be a bit more difficult to make, so it’s best to find an item to repurpose instead. Play tunnels built for children are a great alternative and can be picked up inexpensively at most toy stores.

4. A Simple Pause Table

Probably the easiest piece to build, your pause table can simply be a box. Depending on the size of your dog, a wooden crate can work well. For larger dogs, you can also mount a piece of sturdy plywood onto a crate to make a larger platform.

5. Setting It All Up

These are all basic types of agility training equipment for dogs that can double as a great obstacle course even if you’re not officially training in agility. Once you have your pieces assembled, then you can start laying out the obstacle course in your yard and letting your pup run free!

Building a DIY obstacle course in your backyard is one of the dog-friendly summer activities and can help keep your dog from getting bored. Before jumping into building an obstacle course, make sure you get your dog checked out and that they can handle it before your dog starts agility training.