Dog Birthday Parties – How to Celebrate Without Being Obnoxious

dog birthday partiesWe know everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world. We also believe that every dog owner is right. Celebrating your pup’s special day is a wonderful way of saying, “thank you” and “I love you” to your pet.

While everyone may not understand why you are celebrating your dog’s birthday, be sure to invite his or her furry friends, and two-legged friends, as well as yours! This way, you both will be surrounded by those you care about and it will truly make the day special.

You can also offer favors, food, and fun. Here are a few ways to throw dog birthday parties without being too obnoxious:

Keep it Low Key

Your dog will be more than happy to see everyone show up on their birthday. But, you may want to avoid overwhelming your furry friend with lots of people and noise. In the morning and evening, try to keep it low key. Only have the immediate family (or those that live in the home) share a breakfast or just sit, relax, and watch the morning news. It will be a great calming way to start your pooch’s special day.

From there, you can have an afternoon or evening celebration (depending on your work schedule). Again, you may want to consider inviting those that are near and dear to you and your pup. That way, you and your fluffy friend won’t be overwhelmed with hosting.

Eat, Drink, and Wag Your Tails

As with any birthday party, you may want to offer food, refreshments, and party favors. By doing so, you and your guests can be comfortable throughout the festivities. You may also want to offer a “Chill Out Room” inside the home. This will give dogs a quiet space to sit down and relax if they are getting too rowdy or overwhelmed. It will also help you keep the chaos down to a low hum.

With plenty of fun doggie treats, you should offer food and refreshments to the humans as well. Since every dog owner will be busy keeping their dog comfortable and out of trouble, you may want to offer a buffet style layout so owners can eat at their convenience. Just be sure it is high enough to stay out of reach of puppy paws! You may also want to consider offering a signature cocktail or drink (alcoholic or otherwise). This way, everyone can try something new, relax, and be merry!