Dog Breeds that are Great on the Farm

dog breeds on the farm - dog with horseThere is certainly something to be said for country living. Between the lack of dependence on commercialized goods and the need to go to the supermarket every other day, country living offers something unique that you don’t get from living in the suburbs or in the city – space.

If you’re fortunate enough to own some expanse of land, then you have a lot more freedom to do as you please. From raising livestock to tending the farm, there’s certainly no shortage of work to keep you occupied.

While farm work is all well and good for passing time throughout the day and making a living, sometimes it’s nice to have a companion while you work. Fortunately for you, there are some really great dogs out there that not only enjoy some extra space to run around but would love nothing more than to help you with your daily tasks.

Here are some of our favorite farm dog breeds that are more than just another fuzzy mouth to feed:

Australian Cattle Dog

High energy breeds like this one tend to do poorly in small homes when they aren’t given an outlet to shed off their excess energy. Put them on a farm, however, and you’ll really see where this breed starts to shine. ACDs are incredibly intelligent and take well to training. Between their speed, strength, and courage, an Australian Cattle Dog will be more than happy to help you herd cattle, in both open and enclosed spaces.

Border Collie

We couldn’t have a farm dog list without the quintessential herding dog – the Border Collie. Border Collies are one of the hardest working breeds and excel at herding sheep. Between their boundless energy and incredibly sharp intellect, this breed is the perfect choice when set to task and given enough space to run.

Labrador Retrievers

While Labs have often taken a backseat to other working breeds, settling into the cushy life of a family dog, they really do make for the perfect companion on the farm. Even-keeled and well-tempered, Labrador Retrievers have a lot more energy than most people tend to give them credit for. Not only do they make for great hunting dogs, but labs are also well-suited as a family pet, providing great company both on and off the field.


You read that right, Rottweilers are actually a fantastic breed for farms. Not only do Rotties have a great herding and protective instinct, they also have the energy to keep up throughout the day. Rottweilers have a long history of being a drover’s dog, in both herding and protecting the herd. Given the extra space on a farm, this large breed makes for a great choice.

Other Breeds to Fit Your Needs

If you’re not in need of a herding dog, there are still plenty of great choices out there for farm dogs.


Take Terriers, for example, which are very high energy and scrappy dogs. While terriers might not be great for herding cattle, they excel at ratting, which can help cut down on a number of uninvited pests around your home and farm.

Beagles or Basset Hounds

If you’re a hunter, you might want to consider owning a Beagle or Basset Hound which are perfect for helping you find and flush out quarry.

Finding the breed that fits your needs whether it be on the farm or just at home is a surefire way to ensure a long and happy life together.