9 Dog Breeds That Tend to Love Water

two labrador retrievers playing in waterSome dog breeds absolutely love the water, while others tend not to be big fans. Every dog is different and there will always be outliers, so it’s important to get to know your puppy. These are a few dog breeds that tend to love water:

1. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Being named after a body of water doesn’t always mean they love it, but, in the case of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, it usually does. This dog breed was originally bred to work as a gun dog in and around the Chesapeake Bay.

They are strong, durable dogs with an oily, waterproof coat. They tend to love the water and have a high energy level, which makes swimming and other outdoor activities the perfect fit.

2. English Setter

In addition to making a good running partner, the light, bouncy English Setter usually also enjoys going for a swim. Although they were originally bred to be bird dogs, they are truly at home in the water. English Setters have a high activity level and love to be around their families. Going for a run or a swim with this dog breed can be a great bonding experience that also gives them the exercise they need to remain happy and healthy.

3. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever was originally bred to retrieve waterfowl. This often occurred in difficult situations or rough waters, so it was important for the Lab to be a good swimmer. Labrador Retrievers make great running partners and are also excellent swimmers. Whether on land or in the water, they will be ecstatic to spend time with you being active.

4. Irish Setter

Known for their ability to cover ground quickly, the Irish Setter loves the water. They are quick swimmers and they are determined if given a task or target in or out of the water. They are very active and need to maintain an active lifestyle to avoid obesity and anxiety. Their brother, the English Setter has similar traits. Once you bring this pooch into the water, it can often be difficult to get them out. Luckily, this is some of the best exercise for them.

5. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a gentle giant with a big heart. Newfies are known for being big, fluffy sweethearts. They also tend to love the water and are excellent swimmers. Originally bred to be a water rescue dog, the Newfy has a large lung capacity and plenty of endurance.

These traits paired with natural lifesaving instincts meant a Newfoundland could swim long distances in order to reach a victim and bring them to safety. This dog breed is a working dog through and through whether they are on land or in the water. Plus, they make fantastic family companions.

6. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Small but mighty, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is one of the smallest retrievers. But, they are fast, smart, and determined. They have a short coat so they can glide through the water and strong legs to keep them swimming. These pups can be exceptionally playful, so make sure to have a definite goal in mind so they don’t get too distracted.

7. Portuguese Water Dog

For the Portuguese Water Dog, it’s all in the name. This dog breed was originally developed to assist fishermen. They would often retrieve equipment that was lost overboard and would also sometimes herd fish into nets. Their webbed feet and dense coat make the “Portie” a fantastic swimmer with the energy and endurance to go the distance.

These traits also make the Portuguese Water Dog a good running partner. This dog breed needs plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy and they will enjoy going for a run with you or splashing in for a swim.

8. Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle may look like a high-maintenance priss, but they are actually a very athletic and sturdy dog breed. Before they gained their reputation as fashion icons, Poodles were used to retrieve waterfowl. This meant they needed to be good swimmers.

This highly intelligent, high-energy dog breed needs plenty of exercise to stay engaged, happy, and healthy. Going swimming or running can be a great way for them to get enough exercise while also spending time with their favorite human.

9. Weimaraner

The Weimaraner also loves the water and were bred to dive in to catch small prey. Their short hair, high energy, and strong legs help these pups glide through the water with ease. When running they are known for their speed and intense stamina over long distances of land.

Some facts about Weimaraners are that these dogs can be incredibly determined and can often be found searching for prey even after the hunters have begun walking home. These dogs excel at speed, tracking, hunting, and retrieving. They are incredibly athletic and are prized hunting dogs all over the world.

If you know you want to be able to swim with your dog, these dog breeds are a good place to start your research. Once you find the right puppy for you, make sure you have everything you need for going swimming with your dog safely before jumping in.