4 Dog Breeds That Work Well With Horses

golden retriever and horse in a fieldIf you’re an animal lover, it can be tough for all your animals to tolerate each other – especially for horses. They are highly sensitive creatures who appreciate their personal space, after all. Over years of living together in peace, on farms and otherwise, some dog breeds are downright friendly with horses and tend to do better with them. Here are some dog breeds that work well with horses and tend to delight in spending time with them:

1. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds vary in coat and eye color, but are all large and energetic. They are highly obedient and pick up commands easily, a trait that complements coexistence with a horse. Their energy and easygoing nature make this breed a favorite among horses everywhere.

2. Dalmatian

These dogs are playful but stubborn. They have a history with horses, as trip companions to carriages at the turn of the 20th century. They protected their horse traveling buddies from roving wild dogs and wayward nocturnal creatures. They are stern, and as long as they are trained to not pester the horse will gain their respect. It’s not always easy to gain a horse’s trust, but Dalmatians have an easier time than most.

3. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs have a long history with large animals, being the caretakers of livestock on farms all over. They are exceedingly obedient and excel in agility training as well.

These facts about Blue Heelers and this aptitude help train them to run alongside horses as companions. As an added bonus, they also tend to bark less – which horses sincerely appreciate.

4. Golden Retriever

These dogs have mild temperaments and friendly natures. They are overjoyed to spend time with humans and horses alike, and will treat your horse with reverence. With proper training, Golden Retrievers will learn all their signs of stress and back off when necessary. However, being as empathetic as they are, horses are typically at ease in the presence of Golden Retrievers.

These are just a few dog breeds that work well with horses and tend to have a headstart in building positive relationships with them. They often don’t need to expend as much effort to become friends. This is one of the reasons they are some of the best dog breeds for farms.

But, these breeds aren’t the only ones that can do well with horses; many breeds can be taught to coexist with horses if they’re trained from a very early age with exposure and obedience.