Dog House Ideas

german shepherd in dog houseThinking about building a dog house but aren’t sure where to start? There are plenty of deluxe options for dog houses. During planning, you’ll come up with a ton of dog house ideas. It’s generally best to start with the basics and go from there.

The Basics

First, start with the necessities that every dog house should have. In many cases, these are required by your local ordinances, so make sure to include them! Always check with your local borough to see if there are any additional requirements for keeping your dog outside.

Appropriate Shelter

As far as providing appropriate shelter, your dog house should have four walls and a roof. Your structure should provide a dry area for your pup to stay in, and block him from direct exposure to wind or other elements.

Raised Floor

Building a dog house directly onto concrete, grass, or dirt can be a big problem for pup paws. When the weather is wet, barren floors like this can cause injury from prolonged exposure to water. Because of this, every dog house should have a raised floor; preferably of wood or a similar material. A few inches above the ground is all that’s needed to keep your pup dry.

Insulation or Blankets

Once your shelter is in place, adding insulation can keep your dog warm during the coldest weather. In addition, placing a few blankets in the house will allow your pup to “nest”, helping him out with both some additional warmth and comfort.

Creature Comforts

Once you cover the basics, you can start taking a look at some bells and whistles. These can go a long way towards creating a comfortable space for your pup – no matter the weather.


If you live somewhere with a cold climate or inclement weather, adding a heater can not only make his space safer, but cozier too. Make sure that any heater you purchase is built to withstand weather and won’t end up burning your dog! Even if you don’t end up going with a heater, placing your dog’s house so that it shares a wall with your own home can provide more than enough heat.

Additional Space

If your pup will be spending a lot of time in their outside home, consider adding a second room or an area of fenced-in yard for them. Adding a fence can be especially freeing for your dog, so he has room to roam.

As long as his house is safe, and he’s not out for too long, he’ll be thrilled to have some quality outdoor time. You can also build your own with these DIY dog house design ideas.