7 Facts About Bluetick Coonhounds

closeup of bluetick coonhound puppy

The Bluetick Coonhound is a sweet, energetic, and affectionate dog that makes a great companion to active owners or families. Here are a few more facts about Bluetick Coonhounds:

1. They Are an Original American Dog Breed

The Bluetick Coonhound is one of the dog breeds that originated in the United States, which is also one of the facts about Treeing Walker Coonhounds. In fact, the breed is actually older than the country’s founding.

It’s thought that their ancestors were George Washington’s French staghounds that were crossed with English Foxhounds and other hounds.

Because of their durability, versatility, and skills as a hunting dog, the Bluetick Coonhound was a prized companion for early frontiersmen.

2. The Bluetick Coonhound is a Scent Hound

When it comes to hound dogs, there are a few different types. The Bluetick Coonhound is considered a scent hound, which is a hound dog that tracks their prey mainly through smell. This dog was bred mainly for tracking and pursuing raccoons for early frontiersmen.

They were prized because they could pick up a scent that was days or even a week old. Plus, they had the endurance to track it as long as they needed to. On top of that, multiple Bluetick Coonhounds could work together to track down bigger game including lynxes, bears, wild boars, and cougars.

3. They Are Great Family Companions

These dogs are serious, focused, and determined while they are working. When they’re not working, they are playful, charming, and affectionate. They tend to have a sweet demeanor and are devoted to their families.

They get along well with children and other dogs. As a hunting dog, they do have a high prey drive, so they may need some extra socialization with other smaller pets in the household.

4. They Are Not Actually Blue

Despite the blue in their name, bluetick coonhounds are not blue. Bluetick refers to the pattern and appearance of their fur. Bluetick coonhounds actually have black and white fur. The black pattern against the white fur gives bluetick coonhounds navy-looking fur.

5. Bluetick Coonhounds Are Vocal Dogs

These dogs are vocal and they are prone to barking. Bluetick Coonhounds have other vocalizations too. Like Beagles, they have barks, bays, and bawls, which are more like howls.

Because some of it is instinctual, you won’t be able to remove the behavior entirely. However, with voice training early and often, you may be able to train your dog to stop barking on command or redirect that behavior into something else. This can help keep it from becoming a nuisance.

6. There Are Some Famous Bluetick Coonhounds

Bluetick Coonhounds are portrayed in a few movies and television shows. The cartoon, Huckleberry Hound, is a Bluetick Coonhound. A Bluetick Coonhound played Bando in Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco. This dog breed has appeared in several other dog movies, several country songs, and other art forms including books.

Bluetick Coonhounds were also in the famous children’s novel, “Where The Red Fern Grows” by Wilson Rawls, which is one of the great books about dogs. The main characters may have been Red-Bone Coonhounds, but the Pritchard Boys owned a Bluetick Coonhound named Old Blue.

7. They May Need Puppy Training Classes

The Bluetick Coonhound is an intelligent dog that picks up on things quickly and is eager to please. But, they also get bored easily and their high energy, high prey drive, and working dog nature can be a challenge for first-time dog owners to handle alone.

So, puppy training classes are recommended. In addition to strengthening the bond you have with your puppy, these classes can also offer opportunities to socialize a puppy. Depending on the class, they may even host safe puppy play sessions, which are great for socialization, training, and manners in addition to alleviating boredom and releasing energy.

These are just a few facts about Bluetick Coonhounds. These dogs can be a great fit for active families and owners who can give them the exercise, attention, and affection they need to be happy and healthy.

If you think this could be the right dog breed for you, learn more about them and check out the available Bluetick Coonhound puppies. You could end up finding your new best friend!