4 Facts About English Mastiffs

three english mastiff puppies sitting in grass

The English Mastiff is a giant dog breed that is known to be a kid-friendly, relaxed companion. In addition to their family-friendly attitude, they are known for their courage. Here are a few more facts about English Mastiffs:

1. English Mastiffs Are Massive

Known as one of the largest dog breeds in the world, fully-grown English Mastiffs weigh in at an astonishing 220 pounds or more. When people unfamiliar with the breed encounter them for the first time, they are often intimidated by their size and deep bark.

However, don’t judge a book by its cover – as long as they have been properly socialized, English Mastiffs are actually well-mannered dogs who will only leap into action if their family is threatened.

2. Their Ancestors Were Warriors

The Molosser, from which English Mastiff and other Mastiff breeds descended, were used by civilizations during wartime quite frequently. Coming to fame in ancient Rome alongside gladiators, ancient Mastiffs would fight in arenas for entertainment.

They eventually took on the reputation of being a loyal, intelligent guard dog for Roman officers and aristocracy. Appearing in writings from Aristotle to Virgil and more, they were known for their bravery, size, and as a symbol of power. As a matter of fact, these ancient Mastiffs were rumored to be Julius Caesar’s favorite breed.

They would later be trained to become hunting dogs. Despite this ferocious ancestry, English Mastiffs are modernly known as a subdued, chill dog rather than a warrior. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t hesitate to guard their family against real dangers.

3. English Mastiffs Were Rare in the US

For the longest time, most English Mastiffs existed in the United Kingdom, which made them a rare breed in the United States and other areas. Around World War I, there were only 24 Mastiffs registered in the United States.

In 1918, an English Mastiff named Beowulf was registered with the American Kennel Club after being bred in Canada. This jump-started the breed’s presence into American life. Now, the English Mastiff is the American Kennel Club’s 29th most popular breed.

4. They Will Drool

There are many reasons why dogs drool and some dog breeds just drool more than others. The English Mastiff is a natural drooler. Their large, droopy jowls have a tendency to leak, especially after drinking water. It’s smart to keep some paper towels or a drool cloth nearby for an easy wipe down.

English Mastiffs also have a reputation for being gassier than other breeds. This can be controlled by moderating what they eat and avoiding giving them rich human foods that often make their gas worse.

These dogs are also known to be prone to snoring. And, thanks to their size, they are likely to be loud snorers. So, if they’ll be sleeping in the same room, you may need some earplugs if you don’t sleep well with background noise.

These are only a few facts about English Mastiffs. If you think that they are a great fit for your lifestyle, you can learn more about them and check out the available English Mastiff puppies. Who knows? They could be the best thing to ever happen to you!