4 Useful Facts About German Hunt Terriers

german hunt terrier puppy standing in grass

The German Hunt Terrier is a small dog breed known for their intelligence and their friendly personality. They tend to love people and are also full of energy. Here are a few more facts about German Hunt Terriers:

1. They Were Bred to be a Versatile Hunting Dog

As their name implies, German Hunt Terriers originated in Germany. They started popping up shortly after World War I when hunters wanted to create a black and tan hunting dog that would be versatile. The goal was to create a small hunting dog that could handle just about anything, but that would excel at working underground.

After crossing black and Tan Fox Terriers, Welsh Terriers, and Old English Wirehaired Terriers, breeders were able to create the German Hunt Terrier lineage. These little dogs were the quintessential hunting companions. They were known for a happy disposition, for their intelligence, and also for their skill for getting underground and successfully finding and flushing out prey.

2. German Hunt Terriers Are People-Dogs

Although these dogs tend to be sociable, open, and friendly with people, they don’t tend to get along with other dogs easily. They tend to like being the only dog in the family. And, their high prey drive means they may not do well with small pets in the household.

They can get along with other dogs and pets as long as they have been socialized and raised together. But, they still tend to prefer people and like to be the only pet. Because they are so people-oriented and affectionate with their family, they also tend to get along well with children.

3. They May Need Puppy Training Classes

German Hunt Terriers are highly intelligent dogs that are focused and hardworking as well. They tend to pick up on things quickly and are generally eager to please. But, they can have a stubborn streak and tend to get bored easily.

This can be a challenge for first-time dog owners to handle alone. Puppy training classes are a good resource and can help a first-time dog owner navigate boredom and potential stubborn streaks successfully. Plus, these classes also tend to offer opportunities to socialize a puppy, which can help this people-oriented dog breed be a little more open to making friends with other dogs.

4. German Hunt Terriers Are High-Energy Dogs

Although a German Hunt Terrier is a small dog breed, they are a high-energy working dog. They were bred specifically for endurance out in the field and for their speed. In addition to a job to do, these dogs also need daily walks plus some playtime and extra activity every day to be happy and healthy.

One of the great things about these little dogs is their versatility. They may be small, but they are also sturdy and athletic. Once puppies finish growing, you can try a ton of different activities with them to help them get enough exercise. Fetch, playing frisbee, hiking, swimming, training for dog sports, and more are all options to see what your dog enjoys the most.

These are just a few facts about German Hunt Terriers. If you think this could be the right dog breed for you, learn more about them, and then check out the available German Hunt Terrier puppies. You could end up finding your new best friend!