5 Facts About Poodles

standard poodle puppyPoodle puppies are often loved for their fluff-ball appearance during their youth. In their adolescence and adulthood, they’re lauded for their regality and elegance. Not only are these pups bound to be gorgeous, but they also make phenomenal family pets. Here are some facts about Poodles:

1. They Have a Unique Look

One of the most famous pedigrees, Standard Poodles can become fairly large in size. They get to weigh from 45 to 70 pounds and grow to be about two feet tall. Noted for their well-structured bodies that emanate pride, these pups are fit for a wide variety of environments.

The famous Poodle fur has two distinct varieties: curly and corded. Curly Standard Poodles have uniform fur that is thick throughout their body, while the Corded Standard Poodle reflects the pattern Poodles are most recognized for.

2. Poodles Were Bred For Hunting

The Standard Poodle was initially trained for duck hunting by the French. They are extremely active creatures with an energy level that allows for sustained hunting. The athletic build of Standard Poodles performs exceptionally well in competitions involving jumping and retrieving. Specifically, Poodles excel in retrieval from bodies of water – they were bred for swimming after ducks, after all.

3. Their Coat Comes in a Variety of Colors

Although most dogs are classified by just a handful of colors, the Poodle is defined by more than a dozen! There are even “shaded” varieties of several colors out there. While black and white are the most popular, poodles can also come in silver, gray, blue, cream, and red hues.

4. Grooming is Very Important for Poodles

Standard Poodles have a unique combination of curly hair while also being a non-shedding breed. This makes regular grooming and maintenance necessary to prevent the hair from becoming matted. A trip to the dog spa every so often will leave your pup looking gorgeous.

5. They Are Perfect for Loving and Energetic Homes

Do you have an active family, maybe with a few little ones running around? Then, a Poodle pup would be a great fit! Not only will they keep up with your energetic lifestyle, but they’ll look good doing it. In fact, Poodles are one of the best dog breeds for first-time owners. If you’re sold on this beautiful breed of pup, then check out the available Poodle puppies.