4 Facts About Presa Canarios

presa canario puppy

The Presa Canario is a large dog breed that was originally bred to work livestock. These dogs are confident and unafraid by nature. They are also loving, protective, and caring toward their families. Here are a few more facts about Presa Canarios:

1. They Are Known by a Few Different Names

The full name for this dog breed is the Perro de Presa Canario, which is often shortened to Presa Canario. The full name is Spanish as the breed originated in the Canary Islands and translates to “Canarian Catch Dog”.

They are also referred to as the Canary Mastiff, Canary Dog, Presa, or Dogo Canario, which translates to “Canarian Molosser”. They are most commonly called Presa Canarios in English-speaking countries. The Presa Canario is also the animal symbol for Gran Canaria, the third-largest island of the Canary Islands.

2. The Presa Canario is a Molosser-Type Dog Breed

Molosser is a term that refers to an entire category of dog breeds. These are large dog breeds that are solidly built and all share the Molossus as a common ancestor. The Molossus was a large shepherd dog located in Molossia, which was an area located in ancient Epirus. Epirus existed thousands of years ago in southeastern Europe in an area that is currently divided between modern Greece and Albania.

Descendents of the Molossus, the Molosser-type dog breeds, usually have heavy bones, a short and well-muscled neck, pendant ears, and a short, broad muzzle. In addition to other Mastiffs, other large and giant dog breeds like the Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and many others are all considered Molosser-type dog breeds.

3. They Tend to be Excellent Watchdogs

Presa Canarios were originally bred to guard and herd cattle, so they have a protective nature. They are naturally alert, suspicious of strangers, and protective of their families, which tends to make them excellent watchdogs.

Proper training and socialization are important to any dog breed, but are especially important with Presa Canarios and other dog breeds that make excellent watch or guard dogs. If not properly socialized, that alertness and natural suspicion towards strangers can become a behavioral issue, instead of a positive trait.

4. Presa Canarios Have a Moderate Activity Level

The Presa Canario is a working dog. Although they are not currently recognized by the American Kennel Club outside of their Foundation Stock Service, Presa Canarios were still bred to work.

However, unlike many working dogs, they have a more moderate activity level. They still need a job to do, which will likely instinctually be loving and protecting the family, but they don’t require the high activity level of many other working dog breeds.

A Presa Canario is not a couch potato dog, but they will generally be happy with a few walks a day and some dedicated playtime. If you live a more active lifestyle and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and more, a Presa Canario will be right there with you, but they don’t need a ton of high-octane activity to be happy and healthy.

Is a Presa Canario Puppy Right For You?

These are just a few facts about Presa Canarios to help you determine if they could be a good fit for you. A Presa Canario is a good fit for a family that has experience with owning and training dogs and can spend time socializing them. They need firm, consistent training with a gentle hand because they can be strong-willed with a stubborn streak.

They love their families and are devoted to them, so will be a loving and loyal companion. If you think the Presa Canario could be a good fit for you, be sure to learn more about the dog breed and check out available Presa Canario puppies. You could end up finding the perfect addition to your family!