4 Facts About Rottweilers

rottweiler puppy lying down

Rottweilers are large working dogs that are known for their courage, loyalty, and devotion to their families. They are lovable, energetic, and intelligent dogs. Here are a few fun facts about Rottweilers:

1. They Can be Traced Back to the Roman Empire

The Rottweiler was originally bred as a working dog and was commonly used on farms. They were guardians and protectors of flocks and also were often found pulling carts to market.

Their ancestry can be traced back to the Roman Empire. There, it was likely they were used to herd and protect cattle as well as guard and protect other herds of livestock.

2. Rottweilers Are Versatile Working Dogs

Although their origins were around the farm, they’re considered one of the best dog breeds for farms, and they gained a reputation as a guard dog in modern times, the Rottweiler is a versatile working dog. During WWI, the Rottweiler was a dog breed used heavily as a security and police dog.

They have continued to be a popular choice for police and military work. Their size, intelligence, and close bond with their owners also make them a great choice for service dogs. They are also happy to be a companion and family pet as long as they have a job to do.

3. They Have a Protective Instinct

As a natural guardian, the Rottweiler has a protective instinct. This makes proper socialization and training even more important for them. Poorly socialized dogs, especially those with protective instincts, can often become aggressive.

A well-socialized Rottweiler has a sweet, gentle, and friendly nature. They tend to be calm, loving dogs that get along well with children, other dogs, and other pets in the household. Although a Rottweiler may be initially suspicious and aloof with strangers, they do tend to warm up quickly once introduced as long as they have been properly socialized.

4. Early Training is Essential for Rotties

Early training is essential for any dog breed and a Rottweiler is no exception to that rule. They are intelligent dogs that are eager to please and pick up on things quickly. However, they can be stubborn at times and they need a confident leader who can provide clear, consistent training based on positive reward and praise.

This can be a challenge for first-time dog owners to handle alone. So, puppy training classes are recommended. These classes can help you structure training and keep it consistent while also bonding with your puppy and even getting some opportunities to socialize a puppy.

Rotties can also be prone to barking a lot or howling to alert you of strangers or animals around the home. Because of this, you want to start to train your dog to stop barking early on to keep this from becoming a nuisance behavior.

Because they grow into large, powerful dogs, it’s also a good idea to start leash training early. It’s much better to train your dog to walk well on a leash when they are a puppy than to wait for them to develop bad habits, grow into a big dog, and then try to train them.

These are just a few facts about Rottweilers. If this dog breed sounds like the right fit for you, learn more about them, and then check out the available Rottweiler puppies. Who knows? You could end up finding your best friend!