5 Facts About Silky Terriers

silky terrier puppy lying on a bed

Silky Terriers are small, sturdy dogs that are also intelligent and loving. They are known for their long, silky coats and tend to get along with children, other dogs, and other pets. Here are a few more facts about Silky Terriers:

1. They Are Related to Yorkies

The Silky Terrier hails from Australia and is related to the Yorkshire Terrier. Native Australian Terriers and imported Yorkshire Terriers were two of the main terrier breeds used to develop the Silky Terrier.

One national standard for the breed was established in Australia in 1926. It wouldn’t be until 1959 that the American Kennel Club would recognize the Silky Terrier. They are considered a member of the Toy Group.

2. Silky Terriers Tend to be Friendly Companions

These little dogs tend to be energetic and alert, and they love to play. As a true companion dog, they love nothing more than being near their favorite humans. They thrive on attention and affection and are happy to receive it from almost anyone.

They tend to get along well with children, other dogs, and even strangers as long as they have been properly socialized. They have a high prey drive, so they will need some extra socialization and training around other small pets.

3. They Don’t Tend to Bark a Lot

Although a Silky Terrier may bark to alert you, they do not tend to bark a lot. Yappy barking or nuisance barking is not normal behavior for these little dogs. However, they can be trained into it or it can become a bad habit if they are not socialized or trained properly.

Making sure you are socializing early and often in addition to consistent training can help prevent this nuisance behavior. Depending on your home and area, the alert barking can also become too much. So, it’s not a bad idea to train your dog to stop barking on cue just in case.

4. Silky Terriers Are a Good Fit For All Experience Levels

Silky Terriers are intelligent dogs that pick up on things quickly. They are also eager to please and thrive on positive rewards and praise. As long as training is kept consistent and focused on positive rewards, the Silky Terrier is a good fit for owners of all experience levels.

Because they are easy to train, they can also be easily trained into undesirable behavior. These dogs will also sometimes attempt to charm you with their cuteness to push boundaries. Because of this, consistent training is important and it’s also important to be careful of what behavior you reward intentionally and unintentionally.

5. They Should Not be Let Off-Leash in Open Areas

These little dogs have a high prey drive and an urge to chase. They also are built for chasing and hunting vermin. Because of this, they should only be let off-leash in securely fenced areas. In open areas, they may run off and ignore your recall commands in favor of chasing something more interesting.

These are just a few facts about Silky Terriers. If this sounds like the right dog breed for you, learn more about them, and then check out the available Silky Terrier puppies. Who knows? You could end up finding your new best friend!