4 Fun Facts About the Papillon

two papillon puppies in the grass

The Papillon is a small dog breed known for their sweet, friendly nature. They are intelligent, often easy to train, and make great companions. Here are a few fun facts about the Papillon:

1. They Were Originally Bred to be Companions

The Papillon tends to be a fantastic companion. Since that is the purpose for which they were originally bred, it’s no wonder why this small dog makes a great companion for single owners and for families.

Their origins can be traced back into Europe for hundreds of years where they were bred specifically to be noble companions. Their small size, elegant appearance, sweet nature, and charming personality made them popular with royals and nobles across many countries.

2. The Papillon Has Strong Connections to France, Italy, and Spain

France may be considered the Papillon’s country of origin, but they have strong connections to other countries in Europe as well. The Pap may have originated in France, but they have strong connections to Italy and Spain as well.

Both of these countries had early breeding centers for the Pap. Italy and Spain are both credited, in addition to France, with helping to establish breed standards and refine the breed. They are also credited with helping to make the Papillon more popular.

3. They Are Natural Charmers

Not only do their large ears and cute face make the Papillon a charming dog to be around, but they are also known to have charming personalities. They tend to be playful with a happy, sweet disposition and an often comedic personality.

These little dogs love to be the center of attention and will often do cute and funny things to get it. Their comedy isn’t always on purpose; sometimes, it’s just them being playful. These traits, in addition to being loving and affectionate, make these dogs natural charmers that are bound to steal the hearts of whoever interacts with them.

4. The Pap is Fantastic for Families

In addition to their charming, loving personalities, these little dogs are also a great fit for families. Their friendly nature means they get along with pretty much everyone. They’re known to do well with children, other dogs, and other pets. They even warm up quickly to strangers as long as they have been properly socialized.

The only thing to be cautious of with children is because of how small this dog is. Because they are so small, especially as puppies, the Pap can be easily injured by young children who are learning motor control and how to walk.

A fall or accidental rough play can seriously hurt a small dog. Because of this, it’s important to closely supervise interactions between children and puppies and teach children early on how to interact appropriately with a dog.

These are just a few fun facts about the Papillon. If the Papillon seems like a good fit for you, learn more about them, and then look at the available Papillon puppies. Who knows? You could end up finding the perfect addition to your family!