5 Facts About Weimaraners

weimaraner puppies playing

The Weimaraner is known for their silvery coat and for bonding closely with their humans. They are great family dogs that are active, energetic, and love being around their favorite humans. Here are a few more facts about Weimaraners:

1. The Weimaraner is a Noble Breed

The Weimaraner’s history is steeped in nobility and gamesmanship. They originated in Germany during the 1800s. The court of Weimar wanted worthy hunting companions, and so the Weimaraner was developed.

They were bred specifically for hunting skills needed to track and chase large game, which included endurance and obedience. Weimaraners are naturally loyal, devoted, and obedient towards their owners, which were highly valued traits as a hunting companion.

Their silvery-gray coat, regal air, hunting prowess, and keen obedience made Weimaraners tremendously popular among nobles. Along with being an avid hunting dog, they were also great guard dogs that showed real affection for children, which made them a fantastic all-around family and working dog.

2. They Love Being Near You

Weimaraners bond closely with their families and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Similar to the Vizsla, they are also “velcro dogs” and are happiest when they are around their favorite humans.

Because of this, they can be prone to developing separation anxiety if you do not work with them early on. As a high-energy breed that also requires a lot of mental stimulation, you don’t want to let them get bored, but you should be able to leave the house for short periods without them becoming overly anxious or destructive.

3. Weimaraners Tend to be Great Swimmers

The Weimaraner is one of the dog breeds that tend to love water. In addition to hunting large game, they were also bred to be able to dive into the water and catch small prey. Their slick, short coat and webbed paws make them great swimmers.

4. They Love to Run

These dogs are built for running. They are incredibly athletic dogs that are known for their endurance, stamina, and speed over long distances. This is why they are one of the dog breeds that make great running partners.

You do want to keep things low-impact until puppies finish growing to avoid causing damage to developing joints and bones. But, once they’re fully grown, they’ll likely be happy to join you for a run, a hike, a bike trip, and more.

5. Weimaraners Have a High Prey Drive

Weimaraners are hunting dogs with a high prey drive. They have an urge to chase and an urge to wander. Because of this, you do need to be careful where you let them off-leash. Generally, they like to be near you and are naturally obedient, but they can become stubborn and ignore recall commands if they find an interesting scent to track or something to chase.

This can also be a challenge for families with other smaller pets in the household. Although they will likely be fine with smaller pets they were raised with, you will need to do extra socialization and training with them so they do not see pets in the family as prey. Because this behavior has an instinctual base, it can be a challenge, especially when introducing new pets.

These are just a few facts about Weimaraners. If this sounds like the right dog breed for you, learn more about them, and then check out the available Weimaraner puppies. Who knows? You could end up finding the perfect addition to your family!