4 Facts About Yorkies

yorkie puppiesMembers of this popular toy dog breed are sought out for a few reasons: their characteristically long, beautiful coat, small size, and, most of all, their wonderful little personalities. Yorkies are known for being intelligent, inquisitive, loyal, and energetic. Here are some facts about Yorkies:

1. Yorkshire Terriers should be handled with care.

Yorkie puppies are very tiny and that also means they are fragile. This is an important consideration, especially if you have small children. Many children find puppies irresistible playmates and may think it’s okay to roughhouse.

They may not understand how to handle the tiny pup and could accidentally injure them with trips, falls, or unsupervised play. It’s very important to supervise their interactions with the new puppy. If they can understand well enough, have a serious talk about how they should handle the puppy. You should also be careful about having grown dogs around your Yorkie pup.

2. Yorkies have small bladders and can be challenging to potty-train.

Yorkie puppies are known for having to urinate frequently. Also, because they like to stay comfortable, they may be reluctant to go outside to use the bathroom.

It may take a little more time and patience to house-train a Yorkie puppy, but it’s definitely doable. All it takes are a few extra supplies and good house training tips to potty-train them. “Puppy pads” can help, as can a sheltered outdoor puppy potty space. The latter is especially useful because it’s easy for such a small puppy to catch a chill.

3. Yorkshire Terriers are big dogs in small puppy bodies.

Why is it that big dogs think they can jump up in your lap while toy-sized dogs have the confidence of a bull mastiff? Yorkie puppies are often guilty of this. As you watch your microscopic Yorkie puppy grow into a very small dog, you should keep in mind that they might pick fights with much bigger dogs.

For a small dog, especially a puppy for whom a toddler can be deadly, roughhousing with bigger dogs is a foolhardy pastime. Protect your Yorkie by keeping them on a leash and watching them closely even when they are just out in the yard. Also, make sure you spend plenty of time socializing and training your small dog. Don’t let them get away with bad behavior just because they are small and cute.

4. Yorkies do not shed much and are great for apartment living.

If you are allergic to pet dander, getting a Yorkie could be a good move. Yorkies are among the top dog breeds for people with allergies and they barely shed. However, they do need to be combed and groomed regularly. If this is too much of a commitment, you will want to keep their long coats trimmed short.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a good fit for families and single owners who can handle them with care and dedicate the time to giving them the mental stimulation, affection, and training they need. If you think this could be the right dog breed for you, learn more about them and check out the available Yorkie puppies! You might find your new best friend!