The Rise of Frenchies: 4 Famous French Bulldogs

FrenchiesFrench Bulldogs have become very popular recently. This may be because of their sweet, scrunched faces, funny disposition, and seemingly endless amount of enthusiasm.

Celebrities enjoy “Frenchies” because of their attitude and their small size. Frenchies are willing to follow their owners all over and are happy passing out on a plane, on set, or wherever they can find a pillow.

Here are a few celebrities who have a French Bulldog pup and spoil them rotten:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a small black and white French Bulldog named Hobbs. He follows Johnson everywhere he goes and has been featured several times on The Rock’s Instagram page.


Olga, another black and white Frenchie, shares her life with Madonna. This little pup has been all over the world with Madonna and adores having her picture taken. She is regularly featured on Madonna’s social media and has been behind the stage at her concerts.

Lady Gaga

Momma monster has also fallen under the Frenchie spell. Her pup, Asia, an all black French Bulldog, is all over Lady Gaga’s Facebook and Twitter, loves to travel, and help her mom practice singing. You can see Lady Gaga’s Asia all over YouTube and even in a Coach advertisement.

Carrie Fischer

Princess Leia had a Frenchie named Gary who often went to red carpet events with her as well as movie sets (even Star Wars).

If you are considering adopting a Frenchie, there are plenty of reputable breeder and shelters. Just be sure to care for them properly with regular cleanings of their folds and jowls and keep them warm in the winter. These pups can get very cold, very quickly without a stylish sweater or coat.

You will also want to keep your pup on a strict diet. These dogs can gain weight quickly. This can harm their joints, bones, and can cause hip dysplasia. You will want to talk to a vet about what they would suggest to feed your pooch and how much to feed them each day. You should also give them plenty of exercise. A good long walk and a weekly game of fetch will keep them happy and healthy.