3 Famous YouTube Dogs

famous youtube dogs - english bulldog in star-shaped glassesOne of YouTube’s biggest draws is, of course, its vast wealth of cute animal videos. Among the many anonymous cuties are the few YouTube superstars who also have followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here are a few of the most famous YouTube dogs:

1. Boo the Pomeranian

Boo was an adorable Pomeranian who won the hearts of the internet for years. Along with a short haircut that made him look like he was made of solid fluff, Boo had millions of fans on multiple platforms – and at least four coffee-table books dedicated to his image.

As The Atlantic magazine peevishly pointed out in 2012, Boo probably didn’t get to the top of the Internet-celebrity game with cuteness alone. His human mom is rumored to be a “dyed-in-the-wool Facebook employee” who has worked for the company for almost ten years. But even if Boo did get a bit of a leg up, dedicated fans still worshipped his cuteness.

Unfortunately, Boo passed away in January 2019, shortly after his best canine friend Buddy. Although he will be sorely missed by his family and his fans, his legacy is preserved thanks to the internet.

Pomeranians were originally bred in Germany. These small, puffy toy dogs were famously owned by royals. They are also lovingly referred to as “Tumbleweeds.” Contrary to their reputation for being coddled- and their delicate appearance – Poms are a very hearty breed. They are generally healthy with minimal breed-specific health issues.

2. Denver the Guilty Dog

“This is the most dramatic dog video I have ever watched,” reads one of the comments on this video’s page. The guilty dog’s drama hinges on one question: did Denver eat the cat’s treats?

Almost 50 million people watched this shameful moment in poor, guilty-looking Denver’s life. At age 13, Denver was a pretty old doggie at the time of the video. Her main hobbies were napping and playing in the creek behind her family’s house.

This famous YouTube dog that could be responsible for spawning a slew of guilty dog videos and memes passed away early in 2018. She will be missed by both her family and her fans.

Denver was a Labrador Retriever, which made her a member of the most popular breed in the United States. Labrador Retrievers are known for being intelligent and family-friendly and were originally bred to help hunters by fetching game.

3. Manny the French Bulldog

Manny, named after the boxer Manny Pacquiao, is allegedly the world’s most famous French bulldog. He is enterprising enough to have his own website where fans can buy memorabilia. It has everything from mugs to T-shirts plastered with the bacon-loving Frenchie’s likeness.

And on YouTube, you can watch him perform tasks in day-to-day life, including taking care of his “teefs.” Manny has a little brother and loves hanging out with his older sister and his cousin. He is very tolerant when his owners try to dress him up in cute costumes. He also sleeps in sinks, for some reason.

In the 1800s, Bulldogs and small, rat-hunting French dogs were bred to create the French Bulldog. They were prized companions throughout their history and love nothing more than to be with their families.

If you have yet to dive into the wonderful world of cute YouTube animal videos, it’s never too late to get started!