First week in June. Pet Appreciation Week.

Happy DogHere are a few ways you can show your pooch you appreciate them.

DIY Dog Toys

Puzzle Toy

This is a pretty simple craft. You will just need a few of your dog’s favorite treats, a box cutter, and a tennis ball. Once you’ve acquired these materials take the box cutter and cut a deep two-inch horizontal line into the tennis ball. Put treats in the ball. Toss to your pup! They will be obsessed with getting the treats and will be entertained for hours.

Denim Knot

This is another easy project your dog will love. It will be perfect for fetch or tug-of-war. Be sure to take out any buttons or possible flyaways so your pooch doesn’t get hurt when you’re having fun. You’ll need a pair a jeans you won’t miss, twine, a tennis ball. Cut one leg off the jeans. Place the ball in the middle of the pant leg and tie twine on both ends next to the tennis ball. It should have about six inches of loose jeans on both sides of the tennis ball. Then repeat with the other pant leg. Now you have a pair of hip cut-off jeans and two new toys for your pup. Score!

Keep Cool

Neck Cooler

This will keep your pooch cool on hot summer days. It does require some sewing skills and a decent amount of patience.

You will need:

About a half yard of fabric

A sewing machine

Water storing crystals (what you put in house plant soil to water them over time)

Fold the half-yard in half horizontally. Sew edges together so it will be a long tube in the end. Sew vertical barrier in the middle so the crystals won’t lump together. Sew vertical barriers in the first and third quarters. Put a teaspoon of the water saving crystals into each section. Fold over raw edges and sew shut.

To use place the scarf in ice water and then tie around your dog’s neck. They will thank you for it.

Collapsible Water Bowl

A collapsible water bowl is a wonderful and simple piece that will save your dog a lot of energy on the hot days of summer. You can purchase these at any pet store or online for as little as $5. This will help your pup stay hydrated and happy.

Water Bottle

When hiking or going for a run there isn’t always a water fountain within reach. If you and your pup adore the great outdoors you may want to bring their own water bottle. If you don’t have an extra clean out an old syrup bottle and fill it with clean water. This will be perfect for pouring water into a dish or in front of your pup on the trail. This way they will be able to keep up with you.