11 Best Food-Related Dog Names

dog wearing a hot dog costume

When it comes time to name your new puppy, it can be overwhelming to think about all the options. You could name your dog after your favorite television or novel character. You could name them after your favorite musician or make a pun out of a musician’s name, like Paw McCarthey. Since we take inspiration from almost any part of our lives, why not look to food names as well? Here are some of the best food-related dog names:

1. Hot Dog

Not only are hotdogs a fun food for a summer barbecue or baseball game, but they also make a great name for your pup! The name Hot Dog would be a perfect option for a Dachshund. It’s a great choice for a dog that has a longer body and short, little legs; plus, Dachshunds are often referred to as weiner dogs.

2. Taco

Everyone loves tacos. The popular street food is a great name for a dog. It’s fun, and would be a perfect fit for the Mexican breed, the Chihuahua. Just like a small taco, the Chihuahua is a fun, little dog and perfectly represents the beloved street food.

3. Samosa

Samosas are delicious puff pastry pockets that are filled with spiced meat filling. They are usually served as an appetizer and can either be baked or deep-fried. This name would be a perfect choice for a fluffy Pomeranian or any dog that has a fun and outgoing personality.

4. Oreo

America’s favorite cookie, Oreo, is a great name choice for a dog. If you have a dog with black and white markings, Oreo would be the perfect choice. Or, your dog doesn’t even have to have the black and white markings. If you love Oreos, go ahead and name your dog after an Oreo!

5. Donut

Donuts are a delicious, fluffy treat and are a perfect choice for a dog name! Donut would make a perfect name for a cute, squishy dog like a Pug or a Bulldog.

6. Brie

Brie is a fun choice for a new dog’s name. Brie would be a great pick for a fluffy, white dog or a French breed of dog, like a French Bulldog.

7. Basil

The name Basil is sophisticated and classy. This name would work for almost any and all breeds. Basil is often used as a finishing touch on dishes, which is fitting if you feel like your dog adds that feeling to your family.

8. Dumpling

Dumplings are delicious dough filled with a variety of fillings that can be fried, steamed, or baked. Who wouldn’t want to name their dog Dumpling?

9. Cookie

Cookie will always be a classic dog’s name. This name will work for any breed, large or small, energetic or laid-back, and more.

10. Panko

While not obviously a food name right off the bat, Panko can be a fun choice for a dog’s name. Panko breadcrumbs make for some of the best fried chicken and other delicious foods, so why not name your dog after this delicious ingredient?

11. Linguine

Linguine is just one of the many Italian pasta noodles available to choose from, but it also is a fun name for a pet! This name would work well for a dog that has a longer body, but also would be a sweet choice for any dog. And if you end up getting another dog in the future, you have a wealth of Italian pasta to choose from to continue the theme!

Taking inspiration from food is one of the tips for naming your new puppy. These are just a few of the best food-related dog names for you to choose for your pup! Whatever name you come up with, you can pick the right name for your dog and you and your dog will love it!