4 Great Products to Keep Your Pup Cozy This Winter

Thrilled petsWinter can be a lot of fun for you and your pup. Snowball fetch, blustery hikes, and snuggling up for a movie night is a great way to spend this chilly time with man’s best friend. Just like you, dogs can feel the winter chill.

Here are a few products you can purchase or make to keep your dog warm, comfortable, and happy:

1. Winter Coat

Like everyone, your pup needs a good, sturdy winter coat* (Amazon Affiliate Link) to keep them warm and cozy during hikes, walks, and other outdoor activities. If you decide to purchase a coat, be sure it fits your dog well.

If possible, see that it’s made with natural materials and fibers. This way, it won’t irritate your dog’s skin and cause rashes or pain. While dogs are covered in fur, they can have sensitive skin depending on their upbringing and breed. Make sure your dog is not uncomfortable every time you go for a run or a stroll around the neighborhood. Otherwise, they may not be as cooperative as usual.

2. Warm Bed

We all look forward to a cozy warm bed* (Amazon Affiliate Link) after a long day out in the cold. Your dog feels the same way. Though they may not need a full bed with pillows and a down comforter, you may want to consider buying or making a bed with plush, warm covers and possibly a heating element. This way, even on the coldest of days they will feel warm and safe. These heating elements can be wonderful for senior pups as it relaxes their joints and eases possible pain.

3. Booties

I know we seem to harp on the importance of booties a lot on our blog. That’s because they are important! Booties for dogs* (Amazon Affiliate Link) keep your dog’s feet safe from extreme weather conditions, rubbish on the street, and possibly harmful chemicals. If you have a dog, buy or make a pair of waterproof booties. They will walk funny for a while, they may even hate it, but their paws will be healthier in the long run.

4. Bootie Socks

Again, they may hate it but your pup can have notably better health over time by wearing socks* (Amazon Affiliate Link) under their booties. This will keep their paws warm and safe from debris and possibly harmful chemicals. Unlike booties, a bed, or a coat, socks are fairly easy to buy or make. For first time socks, we suggest old baby socks. They fit well, often are fairly durable, and just make your pup somehow look even cuter.

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