Halloween 1971 Pink Floyd Released Classic “Meddle” LP With Greatest Dog Vocal Ever!

mademoiselle-nobs-2 dog vocalWhether you like Pink Floyd or not, the passionate and heartfelt vocals on this song from the seminal Meddle LP will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings.

Halloween 2016 marks 45 years since the release of Meddle, a classic album which defined the direction of Pink Floyd’s sound moving forward. It set the table for their all-time classic The Dark Side of the Moon, released nearly 2 years later.  As with Led Zeppelin, sometimes they can be taken too seriously to the point where one can forget that they have a sense of humor about their life’s work.

On Meddle, this track is named Seamus, after Humble Pie guitarist Steve Marriott’s Collie who howled/sang the vocals on the album version. This live version, from Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii DVD, features the vocals of a female Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) named Nobs, which belonged to the daughter of circus director Joseph Bouglione; hence the title Mademoiselle Nobs.

Enjoy the music, as well as a really cool moment captured by a genius band with an obvious love for our 4-legged friends.