6 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Dogs

halloween costumes for dogs - dog in ghost costume If you’ve decided to include your canine companion in the Halloween traditions this year, you’re faced with a tough decision! There are hundreds of amazing Halloween costumes for dogs available for purchase out there. You should be able to find a costume that fits any idea you come up with.

Of course, there’s never a guarantee that your dog will tolerate the costume you choose. Many costumes are designed with a pup’s comfort in mind to prevent the inevitable shake-off. Additionally, retailers will include instructions on how to find the right size costume for your pup.

Here are some suggestions to get you started on your search for the ultimate Halloween costume for your dog:

1. A Bantha on His Back

This adorable costume transforms your pup into the steed of a little Bantha* (a creature from Star Wars) (Amazon Affiliate Link). Fans will appreciate that the designer of this costume paid special attention to little details. For example, he included the little carrying sack attached to the saddle, as well as the bedroll!

Banthas actually serve as gigantic mounts in the series, so this costume is witty as well as adorable.

2. Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog

Does your dog have an attitude problem? This Elvis costume* (Amazon Affiliate Link) will help him express his ‘tude to the fullest! He’ll keep the spirit of Elvis alive while rockin’ up the place. It even comes with a classy black wig to give your pup a Presley-esque pompadour.

3. Sushi Pup

Turn your little nugget (or big nugget) into a sushi roll* (Amazon Affiliate Link) with this awesome costume. It features a little “rice” tunic that ties around the neck with a piece of “raw fish,” perhaps salmon, sitting on top. A “piece of seaweed” wraps around your pup’s abdomen and a cute little headpiece ties it all together!

4. A Beautiful Butterfly

This adorable butterfly costume* (Amazon Affiliate Link) will have your puppy-dog preening for the crowds. It has yellow, orange and black wings and a bright, layered skirt. A black vest is the body of the costume, and a little headband with an orange flower pulls it all together.

5. A Lovely Ladybug

There are plenty of designs to show off the insect kingdom, including this ladybug costume* (Amazon Affiliate Link)! A satin red vest with black dots ends in a little skirt, and a headpiece with antennae completes the picture.

6. A Princess

If you want to go the classic route, this pink and gold princess outfit* (Amazon Affiliate Link) should do the trick! This outfit features a light pink vest with gold piping. A pretty little skirt constitutes the dress, while the gold crown transforms your little doggie into the royalty she knows she is!

If you’re dressing up your pup for Halloween, or some other occasion, make sure he knows how much you appreciate his cooperation! Reward your pup for tolerating dressing up with praise, pets, and plenty of treats.

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