4 Tips to Help Keep Your Dog Comfortable in the Snow

winter dog safety guide - dog in snow with scarfNo matter how long their coats are, dogs get cold too! From Chihuahuas to Huskies, all dogs become uncomfortable with extended time in winter weather. However, some dogs like to plow through the snow for fun, and most dogs need to go out to do their business. For these snow-bound pups, we have a few tips to keep them comfortable out in the snow:

1. Provide Appropriate Shelter

A dog’s den should be warm and dry. To provide optimum winter comfort, make sure your dog’s sleeping area prevents him from becoming too cold or wet. If your dog spends any amount of time outdoors in a doghouse, even if they just use it for lounging when out in the yard, keep it as close to your home as possible for heat. It should have an adequate roof to prevent precipitation and have windbreaking capabilities.

Don’t forget to shovel the area for your pup! Even if your pup spends the majority of their time inside, keep their sleeping area far from an entrance. Cast-off ice and frigid wind invade their space when they’re too close to the door. Make sure the snow stays outside by kicking it off your shoes before you come in – and before your dog runs directly through it.

2. Keep Dogs Dry

While you’re outside with your pup, try to avoid slush and snow and stay on sidewalks when possible. Having your dog traipse through the cold mud won’t help their temperature stay up. However, you might not always get the choice. Your pup may be an adventurer. They may burst through your carefully shoveled snow and immediately become soaking wet and freezing.

If you know your pup will want to play, pack a towel. Giving the shivering rascal a quick rub-down after jumping through the snow should keep their temperature stable. A good dog coat and dog boots can help keep them warm and protected, especially their sensitive paws!

3. Go Ahead, Dress Up Your Dog

Although not all dogs will go for it, some dogs won’t mind a cold-weather outfit. Try to keep it simple, so you won’t need to chase after dog scarves blowing in the wind after they shake them off. There are plenty of unobstructive boots, sweaters, and coats that dogs will tolerate to stay out in the snow longer. As long as you don’t keep them out too long, these adornments can really help.

4. Moisturize Dogs’ Coats

Adding a skin supplement to prevent irritated, flaky skin can do wonders for dogs in the snow. Open cuts from dry skin can cause serious stinging while they play. Give it a few weeks to kick in, and then check their skin for dryness. If they’re fully moisturized and ready to go, take them out for a spin in the snow!

The simplest winter weather remedy for your dog is to keep them inside more often, but it can be tough for a cooped-up pup. Remember, it doesn’t have to be outside to be a fun trip. You can always transport your dog to a friend’s house, a pet store, or a dog-approved indoor location to ease their cabin fever. But if it’s snow or nothing for your pup, try out these tips for a safe, warm winter!