5 Home Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

cleaning supplies and a jack russell terrier in the background

If you own a dog, you know how dirty your home can get. They carry dirt in after being outside and playing in the yard. They shed, they slobber, and sometimes they even have accidents inside. It’s important to keep a clean home not just for you and your family, but also for your pet. Here are some home cleaning tips for dog owners:

1. Bathe or Groom Your Dog Regularly

The easiest way to keep your home clean is to have a clean pet. Depending on the breed, you may not need to bathe your dog frequently, but you still will need to do basic grooming to keep your dog clean.

If you’re afraid of the mess bathing your dog can bring, you can do some preparation and set up in advance, plus some extra training, for mess-free bathing. These are all dog bathing tips that can help make the whole thing easier. If they have muddy or wet paws after being outside, give their feet a nice wipe so that they don’t track a lot of extra dirt inside.

Give your dog weekly brush sessions, or more if their coat requires it, to keep shedding down and also for your dog’s comfort. Also, don’t forget about cleaning your dog’s toys, their bedding, and their crate. This will help keep them stay clean for longer.

2. Clean Up Accidents Quickly

If your dog has an accident inside, it is best to clean up the mess as soon as possible. Being proactive and having solutions and cleaners ready makes cleanup a lot easier.

You can put together your own homemade wall and floor cleaning solution of vinegar and water with a drop of dish soap. For carpet stains, you can mix baking soda with water. Or, you can pick up a pet cleaner solution at any local pet supply store or grocery store.

3. Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Having a reliable vacuum cleaner is vital to keeping your home clean when you have a dog. Dogs will track in dirt, leaves, pebbles, and more, and it will be all over your floor. They also might make a mess while eating. Having a vacuum cleaner that will be able to clean up these messes will save you a lot of headaches.

If you have a dog that sheds a lot, you may need to vacuum daily to keep after the fur. If this sounds daunting, there are a lot of robot vacuum cleaner options for you to consider. Many of these can be programmed to run on a schedule, which means you don’t even need to worry about it. You can also run it at night or while you’re out of the home during the day.

4. Cover Your Fabric Furniture

If you have nice furniture that you are worried about getting dirty or covered in fur, consider investing in upholstery covers or use bed sheets to cover them up.

This way, if they get dirty, all you need to do is take the covers off your furniture, throw them in the washing machine, and they’ll come out nice and clean. This will also help the longevity of your furniture.

5. Hire a Cleaning Service

If you don’t have time to clean your house, consider hiring a cleaning service to come in to clean for you. They will take care of whatever cleaning jobs you need to be done, and leave you with a clean and fresh home!

A cleaning service is also a good option if you want your house deep cleaned every few months or so. These cleaning professionals are trained and also have the tools and cleaning solutions to get rid of stubborn stains in problem areas.

These are just a few home cleaning tips for dog owners. A clean house is healthy and comfortable for you and your dog!