How to Keep Your Dog Cool

yellow lab puppy in plastic pool

In general, dogs are versatile, flexible, and tough animals. However, they are sensitive to heat and much more so than humans. So, though it may seem hot outside to you, it’s far hotter for your dog. But, neither of you want to stay inside all summer. So, it’s important to know how to keep your dog cool when you do venture outside. Here are a few ways to help keep your dog cool:

1. Avoid High Sun

You may not be able to avoid going out when the sun is shining its brightest all the time, but you can do your best to limit it as much as possible. Try to keep your outside activities to the times of day that will be cooler like early mornings and later evenings.

2. Keep Hydrated

Hydration is important for both you and your dog. So, make sure there is plenty of water available at all times whether you are inside or out. If you’re headed out for a walk or taking a trip somewhere else, bring a collapsible water bowl* (Amazon Affiliate Link) so you can provide water to your dog wherever you are.

When you’re inside or out in the yard, you can also slip some ice cubes into your dog’s water bowl. Keeping your dog cool and making sure they stay hydrated is one of the summer BBQ safety tips for dogs that applies for all warm weather and events.

3. Clip Their Coat Short

Dog coats vary in type, thickness, and more. For some dogs, especially those with a double coat, it’s not good for their coat to be cut too short. So, know your dog and get their coat groomed and clipped to the shorter length that’s right for them during the summer.

Even if your dog’s coat shouldn’t have a short clip, you can help them stay cool by brushing them more often to remove loose fur. Having a less heavy coat can help keep them a little cooler when they venture outside during warmer temperatures.

4. Hose Them Down or Go Swimming

Playing in water is a great way to beat the heat and stay cool. Plus, it’s one of the best dog-friendly summer activities! If your dog is a fan of water and loves to be outside, you can hose them down or give them a bath outdoors and then let them air dry. They’ll likely get dirty and need a bath when you come back inside, but it will help them stay cool while they are frolicking about or just laying outside.

You can also get a kiddie pool and fill it with water. This gives your dog a way to cool themselves down and relax in the water on their terms. If you know they love water, head to a pool, beach, or lake that allows dogs in the water and go swimming with your dog.

5. Stay in the Shade

When you and your dog venture outside in the heat, try to stay in the shade. If you’ll be out in your own yard, you can create your own shade by hanging up a tarp, using a shade screen or a pop-up canopy, or finally using that big umbrella that came with your patio furniture set.

6. Use Ice Packs, Cooling Pads, or a Wet Towel

Whether you are inside or out, giving your dog something cool to lay on can help keep them cooler as well. You can use ice packs, a wet towel, or a cooling pad* (Amazon Affiliate Link) to create a space for your dog to chill out.

7. Provide Dog-Safe Frozen Treats

Another way to help your dog stay cool is to provide them with frozen treats. You can learn how to make frozen treats for your dog at home or you can purchase them pre-made.

Something as easy as cool pieces of watermelon, frozen banana, and more can be a great cold treat for your dog. There are a lot of ways to use the best fruits and veggies for dogs to keep your dog hydrated, fed, and cool in the summer.

You can even make or buy dog-friendly ice cream! Either way, your dog will love staying cool this way.

The heat can be dangerous for dogs and heatstroke is a real concern. Staying inside during the dog days of summer and the worst of the heat and using these tips for how to keep your dog cool can help you and your pooch get through summer safely.

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