5 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

dog putting paws on top of hands wearing wedding rings

Your wedding day is an exciting occasion, filled with all the family and friends you love. And if you have a dog, you might want your furry best friend at your wedding, too! But is having your dog physically present at your wedding a wise choice or should you include them in another way? No matter what you choose, here are a few ways to include your dog in your wedding:

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Before you decide how to include your dog in your wedding, you need to think about a few factors first. You’ll need to make sure your venue allows dogs and take into account your guest list. Are a lot of your guests familiar and comfortable around dogs?

You also need to know how your dog will handle a long day with an unexpected schedule and new people. Dogs like routines, so you need to know how your dog will react. If you still choose to have your dog physically present at your wedding, be sure to have a designated dog handler and be sure it’s someone your dog knows well. If you choose to have your dog not be physically present, there are still ways to incorporate them into your wedding.

1. Include Them in Your Ceremony

This is a common way people include their dogs in their weddings. Whether your dog walks down the aisle or simply stands next to the couple, this is a great way to have your dog in your wedding. Be sure your dog will respond to basic commands like sit and stay during the ceremony and have a backup plan in place if they start to get antsy.

If your pup won’t be present at your wedding, you can still include them in your ceremony. Mention them in your vows to each other or have your officiant share a story about your dog. This is a sweet way to include your dog even if they aren’t physically present.

2. Take Photos With Your Dog

If your dog is comfortable with photos, having them in your wedding photos is a fun way to have them as a part of your big day. If your dog won’t be present at the wedding, consider taking photos at home before heading out to the ceremony. Or if you choose to get ready in your home, you can include them in a natural way in their own environment.

If your dog will be present at your event, specifically ask for photos with your dog so the photographer knows it’s a priority. You can ask for posed photos and candids so your photographer catches the best moments. It might be tricky taking your dog’s picture, but even the outtakes will make for great memories.

3. Include Them in a Cake Topper

Another way to include your pooch in your wedding is by incorporating them into a cake topper if you choose to have one. There are many options available on the internet, and some are even customizable to accurately depict you and your dog!

4. Have Your Dog in Your Stationery

If your dog isn’t up to being present at your big day, or even if they are, a fun way to include them is by using them in photos for your invites, save the dates, and programs. This way, everyone will know how important your pooch is and how much you love them.

5. Make a Donation to an Animal Charity of Your Choosing

Making a donation to an animal charity is an especially sweet idea if you found your dog at a shelter, but even if you didn’t, it still is a heartfelt gift. Simply make a donation in your guests’ honor and then find a cute way to let them know.

You could write up a sweet note about why you decided to donate in their honor and attach the note with something simple, like a cookie in the shape of a dog. You could even ask guests to donate to your chosen charity in lieu of gifts.

These are just a few ways to include your dog in your wedding. No matter how you choose to do it, your dog will always be a big part of your life and these are a few great ways to honor your furry friend!