Games to Keep Your Dog Occupied in Winter

Snow doggyYou can have plenty of fun and get enough exercise in your home during a snow or rainy day. Here are a few games you can play that will give your pup a good workout and you some peace:

Games to Play Inside

When you’re stuck inside, these games will keep your dog happy and occupied.

Clean Up

Why clean up after your dog when you can train your pup to clean up after him or herself? Get a basket or large crate for all your pooch’s toys and a handful of kibble. Then, put the basket in front of you and ask your pup to bring you each toy and drop it in the basket. For every toy, give your pup a piece of kibble. Your pup will be thrilled about the treats and you will be happy to have a clean home.

Obstacle Course

If you have a home with an open concept or a large home you can put a small obstacle course in your living room for your pet. This can really help with their patience, agility, and problem-solving skills. You can use the furniture of your home or milk crates, bins, and other storage solutions to create different compartments and levels. Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to make it a permanent fixture.

Which Cup

“Which Cup” is a fun game that helps your pup understand problem-solving and complex puzzles. You can use three cups or a muffin tin with their favorite balls. Under the cup or balls, put a piece of kibble and watch your pup figure out which cup or ball is hiding the delicious morsel of food.

Games to Play Outside

If you and your pup are ready to brave the elements here are a few games to give you and your pup plenty of exercise and plenty of time outside.

Snowball Fetch

This game is somewhat self-explanatory. You will need: plenty of snow and a patient dog. Make a cache of snowballs and then begin throwing them for your dog. Before you know it, your dog will be beside themselves with the flying snow and hilarious antics. Just be sure to keep it ice and rock free.

Find It

“Find It” is a wonderful game to help your pup hone their sniffing skills and give you a chance to learn about your dog’s level of focus. Hide their favorite toy in the snow and then tell them to find the toy! They will be thrilled to sniff out their favorite toy and receive all the praise you can give.


If you’re really adventurous, go out for a hike with your dog! This will get your blood pumping and your dog interested and occupied. There will be plenty of new smells and friends to find!