How to Keep Your Pup Safe and Happy on Snowy Days

SNOW DOGDogs love snow just as much as their owners. This means some will roll around on the first snowflake while others step the right paw out and immediately step their right paw back in.

If you and your pup are a little more adventurous, you should consider keeping you and your pooch comfortable and safe during your snow days.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use so you and your dog can enjoy the blustery weather safely together:

Time Your Outings

Try to spend only a half hour or hour outside, depending on your dog’s breed, body weight, and stamina. While a German shepherd or Husky can spend a whole day outside, a smaller dog like a dachshund or a corgi may not be as thrilled. If you have a small to medium dog and it is fairly snowy out, you may also want to make sure they can walk and romp through the snow with ease. Otherwise, they may get too tired to walk home and you’ll be giving your pup a piggyback toward the end of the day.

Wear Proper Attire

Like you, your dog will need to have the proper puppy attire to brave the snow. Be sure that your dog has a solid pair of waterproof booties so they will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or harmful chemicals. If you have a pup with short hair or they are not made for winter climates, you should also have a small sweater and/or a jacket for them to wear. They may look at you funny and even hate it, but they will be happier in the long run.

Hydrate Regularly

While you’re surrounded by frozen water, you should still bring water for you and your pup. This way you and your dog will remain hydrated without lowering your body temperature outside. Plus, you’ll be able to completely avoid the yellow snow.

Know Their Boundaries

If they are shivering, crying, or just mopey, it may be time for you and your dog to head in for a bit. While we all love snow, everyone gets cold, wet, and soggy after a while. So, if you know your partner in winter weather is tired or just over the cold, head back home, dry off, and relax.

Cozy up After a Day Outside

After a day playing out in the snow, dry your dog off with a towel and give them some lukewarm water to drink. Then, you both can snuggle up for a movie or just an afternoon nap. You’ll be amazed how relaxed your dog will be and you will be happy you both were able to have so much fun.