How to Keep Your Dog From Barking at Night

dog sleeping peacefully at night

Are you losing sleep from your dog barking at night? This is a common problem among dog owners and can be really frustrating! There could be a few reasons your dog is barking so it can be hard to narrow it down. However, it’s possible to correct this behavior. Here’s how to keep your dog from barking at night:

1. Have Toys Nearby

Dogs usually sleep through the night, but not always. Some are more active and they bark because they are bored. In fact, restlessness and barking are classic signs your dog is bored or not getting enough exercise.

Eliminate your dog’s boredom by keeping some toys nearby for them to play with. For your sake, make sure that the toys they have access to at night are silent. No one wants to wake up to a squeaky toy!

2. Feed Your Dog Early

Barking at night could be your dog telling you they need the bathroom. Making sure your dog is well-fed and has had enough water during the day will help them stay quiet throughout the night without barking to be let out.

Experts recommend feeding your dog three hours before bed, and the same goes for water. This way, they won’t be barking at night for the bathroom or from discomfort from eating too soon before bed. Following this feeding recommendation is also a helpful tip to getting your puppy to sleep through the night.

3. Provide Stimulating Activities

Make sure your dog has been properly exercised and stimulated throughout the day. Play with your dog and take them on active walks. If your dog is older, try an activity for senior dogs. A dog that is exhausted will sleep much better and be less prone to barking.

Play a rousing game of fetch before bedtime. Let them run around outside to get their energy out. Or play some indoor scent games that challenge them mentally. These activities will go a long way in keeping your pup quiet at night.

4. Switch Up Their Sleeping Spot

Sometimes dogs bark because they are uncomfortable with where they are sleeping. They bark to get your attention to help get them settled. Dogs can be really picky about their sleeping spot. If they’re not 100% content, they’ll let you know.

Try a new dog bed or new room for your dog. There might be some trial and error, but with some patience, you can find the right sleeping space for your pup!

5. Ignore It

This will be hard to do, but ignoring your dog’s bark will help them stop. If you give them attention every time they bark, they will continue the behavior. Even comforting them once will associate attention with barking. This is one of the tips for training your dog to stop barking that you can use to help them stay quiet at night.

When you start ignoring their barking, the behavior will get worse before it gets better. You just have to trust the process. Your dog needs time to learn that barking will not work at getting your attention anymore. Invest in some excellent earplugs or a white noise machine to make the process easier for you.

Sleep is precious for both you and your dog. Hopefully, implementing some of these changes will help keep your dog from barking at night.