Maryland Dog-Friendly Travel Guide

maryland dog-friendly travel guide - vizsla dog sticking head out of car windowPlanning a trip to Maryland? The “Old Line State” is a terrific spot for both sightseeing and adventuring. If you have a pup, don’t fret – you can always bring him along! He may not like being trapped in the car for the drive, but with a few pit stops and some quality romping outdoors, he’ll be right as rain. As for when you get there, we have you covered. Below you’ll find Maryland’s best activities, hotels, and restaurants for both you and your pup!

5 Dog-Friendly Activities in Maryland

Maryland has a variety of activities for people, but leaving your pup behind just doesn’t feel fair. That’s where fun dog-friendly activities come in! No need for your furry partner-in-crime to stay at the hotel peering out the window waiting for you to return.

1. Cruises on the Bay

What better way to relax alongside your dog than on a cruise? Cruises on the Bay by Watermark offers cruises from only 40 minutes to a full day for people and pups. Embarking from Annapolis Harbor, Baltimore Inner Harbor, and the Chesapeake Bay, this attraction is versatile and convenient.

After 45 years of being in business, they’ve mastered the voyage. Each ship offers unique scenic routes and is climate controlled. There’s no need to worry about parking to see the US Naval Academy or Baltimore when you view it from the bow of a ship. And as long as your pup stays leashed, he is welcome aboard!

2. Bell Branch Dog Park

Bell Branch Dog Park is the perfect stop between beaches for you and your dog. With 3,400 feet of trail, it’s a fantastic way for dogs to let loose and stretch their legs. There’s even a concession stand for you! With a playground, picnic grounds, and restrooms, there’s something for everyone who needs to take a break from traveling.

3. Historic London Town and Gardens

With historic roots and lovely foliage, Historic London Town and Gardens is a refreshing location. It offers visitors idyllic scenery for reflection and contemplation.

Founded in 1683, the town thrived for over 100 years before settling into obscurity as trade routes transitioned elsewhere. The reconstructed homes and businesses represent the architecture, and culture, of early US industry: for example, a carpenter’s shop, tobacco barn, and employee tenement of the 1700s.

In addition to the town, the Woodland and Ornamental Gardens display a natural habitat of native trees and flowers that are breathtaking to behold – like the magnolias, hydrangeas, and salvias. The Sound and Sensory Garden is dedicated to teaching children about nature and conservation, along with playsets and instruments just for fun.

4. Elms Beach Park

Beautiful Elms Beach Park on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland offers swimming, hiking, picnicking, and fishing. Dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed, and visitors can go crabbing in the Bay.

Keep in mind, the park does charge a $10 entry fee per car. It may not be free entry, but it’s well worth the price to explore the 476-acre park.

5. Deep Creek Lake

Deep Creek Lake in Maryland is a great place to take your pup. If you and your family love hiking and your dog can keep up, it’s even better.

However, if you plan on hiking with your dog, make sure you know their level of stamina. And, never leave for a hike without water for everyone! Dehydration can spell disaster on a hot day.

Opportunities for fishing, hiking, and watersports abound in Deep Creek. There are plenty of pet-friendly rentals. Some renters even cater to dogs!

3 Dog-Friendly Hotels in Maryland

After being thoroughly entertained, you’ll need a place to stay for you and your dog. It’s not always easy to find pet-friendly hotels on the fly, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Here are a few dog-friendly hotels in Maryland to kickstart your research:

1. La Quinta Inn and Suites Ocean City

La Quinta Inn & Suites Ocean City prides itself on having the best amenities available for the lowest prices. Each room has an HD flat-screen TV with cable, wireless internet, and a private balcony.

To make the experience even sweeter, every room has a kitchen equipped with a microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, and hairdryer! Even better, the La Quinta Inn allows two pets, of any size, for free!

2. Westin Annapolis

The Westin in Annapolis maintains a serene environment to ease guests into vacation mode. With a white tea aroma permeating the lobby, and each room’s complimentary soap, relaxation is the Westin’s number one goal.

They even offer spa services. There’s a gym for fitness experts accompanied by an indoor heated pool. If you and your dog appreciate luxury and the finer things in life, the Westin delivers. The Westin permits two pets per room with a $50.00 fee per pet, as long as they are under 40 pounds.

3. Sheraton Rockville Hotel

The Sheraton Rockville Hotel offers pet-friendly rooms with all the amenities of their traditional guest rooms – and more. Along with your king-sized bed, or two doubles, you’ll get a doggy bed, too!

They have flat-screen TVs, safes, and wifi for your convenience as well. With a jacuzzi and an indoor heated pool, the Sheraton is comfort central. They have a shuttle service for their guests as well as a fitness center. Sheraton Rockville Hotel allows two dogs at 40 pounds or less, and doesn’t require an additional fee.

3 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Maryland

Going out to eat is a given during vacations, even for dogs. Why leave them at the hotel if they can come along? Here are some dog-friendly restaurants in Maryland to consider:

1. Mutt and Joe

This restaurant provides a cafe menu for its human guests, with a variety of delightful coffees and pastries. They also provide a very unique menu for their canine guests – grooming!

Mutt and Joe offers full grooming services for dogs while you savor your latte. Your pup can try out their “Fluff & Buff” for a full scrub- down, or their “Pet-A-Cure” for just nail work. There are several menu items to choose from, all for competitive prices.

2. Second Chance Saloon

The Second Chance Saloon boasts over 100 flavors of beer, like the “Dogfish Midas Touch Handcrafted Ancient Ale”, and a sizzling pub menu. Chow down on homemade fare like deluxe burgers and seasoned fish and chips. Dogs are welcome on their outdoor patio seating area, one of which is fenced in for doggy play freedom.

3. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

For a cold treat on a hot day, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream hits the spot for people and pups. You can sample their “Black Cherry Chocolate Chunk” or “Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye” while your pup samples his own! Bruster’s will give your pup a complimentary, pet-friendly sundae so you can both share a treat together!

Maryland is a great place for people and their pets to visit. Although this Maryland dog-friendly travel guide is a good start, it doesn’t cover everything available. If you find something else you want to do, just make sure your dog will be welcome before it makes it onto your trip plan.

If you’re planning on visiting other states as well, check out our dog-friendly travel guides across the US! Here’s to wagging tails and safe travels no matter where your adventure takes you!