May 3-9, 2015 is American Humane’s Be Kind to Animals Week.


still a dogThis weeklong event has been celebrated since 1915 to promote being well, kind to animals. There are many ways you can celebrate this week and there are plenty of things you can do everyday that will promote the well-being of animals all over.


If you have a pet


If you have a pet there are plenty of things you can do to better your pet’s world. You can purchase a new toy for them, prepare a tasty and special meal, or take them on a long trip to the park or hiking trails. Dogs are especially happy to find new places to roam and love to be around new sights and smells.


You can also take your pooch to the groomers if they are comfortable there. For some pets the groomer’s can be a scary place while for other’s they wish it was their home away from home. If you take your pup to the groomer’s be sure to give them plenty of treats and stay by their side. This will keep them calm and happy.


If you don’t have a pet


For some adoption of a shelter pet is always a wonderful option. Animals are loving, sweet creatures and can promote your well-being just by spending time with you. Adopting from an animal shelter will help you cut down on the six to eight million pets that find themselves in shelters every year. Shelters will often provide free or discounted rates on training so you and your dog will understand the boundaries that need to be set and your home will still be peaceful. It will also give you a great excuse to live a healthier life. Animals need exercise so taking your pup out for a long walk or playing with your cat for an hour can help them stay healthy and happy.


If you cannot have a pet or do not want one you can always offer to take care of a friend’s pet for a day. On one of your days off take the pup out for a walk, maybe to the groomers and then you can bring them home tired but happy. Taking them to a meetup can be a wonderful experience if the dog does not get nervous around other pets. Meetups for pets are a great way to socialize your dog and can help them meet a few friends. It also takes a little bit of the stress away from having a dog that day.