2 of the Most Memorable Dog Memes of All Time

memorable dog memes Love them or hate them, memes have become a natural part of the social media experience. It’s all too easy to find an adorable or funny picture and slap some text on it, then share away. Not all memes go viral, but every once in a while someone hits the right combination of cute or hilarious and takes the internet by storm, like these memorable dog memes.

Animals, particularly dogs and puppies, tend to be great background images for memes. Dogs and puppies have a proven track record of success. There are several viral dog memes to choose from. For now, let’s stick with two of the most memorable dog memes of all time:

1. The Often-Sarcastic Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu, nicknamed “doge” in social media speak, has been capturing our hearts for years. No matter what this fresh-faced dog is doing, he expresses bewilderment, wonder, and oftentimes sarcasm. Because this meme has been popular for a few years, there are seemingly endless variations. Most of them tend to follow this formula: a picture of the Shiba Inu with “wow” included in the text followed by various nonsensical phrases. These include: “such amaze”, “much scare”, and more.

memorable dog memes - doge

The Shiba Inu is an ancient dog breed that can be traced back to the 3rd century B.C. After the AKC officially recognized the breed in 1992, they have become very popular. Particularly so in the U.S. for dog owners who are looking for a smaller version of the Akita.

Although this breed has a viral meme on social media, the dogs themselves aren’t intrinsically social, especially with strangers. Shiba Inus require a lot of socialization as puppies to get over this. They also benefit from receiving obedience training. Shiba Inus are hard-headed and strong-willed. You have to earn their respect, but once you do, they’re loyal and affectionate.

2. The “Awesome” Beagle Puppy

This beagle puppy became one of the most adorable, and wholesome, memes to go viral on social media. A positive affirmation, plus an adorable puppy “pointing” at you and winking, has all the ingredients for social media success. If you’re having an off day, this pup is bound to cheer you up.

memorable dog memes - awesome beagle

Beagles have been one of the top 10 most popular breeds in the United States consistently for over 30 years. As they are so widely adored, it’s no wonder a meme featuring one would find its way to social media fame. Beagles are a playful, energetic breed eager for your love and attention. They tend to make exceptional family pets.

Due to their pack instincts, socialization is important – particularly with any other animals you may have. They are highly trainable and intelligent. Usually, beagles are recommended for owners with moderate dog knowledge and experience. However, they can make great companions for novice owners as well with the help of a few obedience classes.

Social media moves quickly, but these memorable dog memes have stood the test of time. It’s easy to become distracted by the cute animals featured in the memes showing up across your feeds. As adorable as the memes may be, it’s important to remember that they feature real animals with their own personalities. Whether you adopt from a rescue or a shelter or buy from a reputable breeder, make sure you do your research and get to know the animal behind the meme first.