Missouri Dog-Friendly Travel Guide

vizsla dog looking out of a car window

When you want to travel with your dog, there are a lot of extra details to consider. You’ll have to pack extra supplies and plan your trip ahead of time to make sure you have dog-friendly places on your itinerary. As you start planning your trip, dog-friendly travel guides can be a big help. If you’re planning to head to the “The Cave State”, unofficially known as the “Show Me State”, use this Missouri dog-friendly travel guide to start your research:

4 Dog-Friendly Activities in Missouri

Unfortunately, not every place you drive by will be dog-friendly. But, by planning ahead, you can make sure you have plenty of dog-friendly attractions and stops you and your pup can enjoy together. Here are a few dog-friendly activities in Missouri to get you started:

1. Fantastic Caverns

These caverns are located in Springfield and the tours happen in jeep-drawn trams. The ride-thru tour follows a one-mile route and lasts about 55 minutes. Not only does Fantastic Caverns live up to its name, but it is also dog-friendly.

After all, it was discovered by a dog back in 1862! Your leashed, well-behaved dog is welcome to join you on the tour. So, you and your pup can enjoy the splendor and beauty of the cavern’s natural features and scenery as you follow the path of an ancient riverbed.

2. Laumeier Sculpture Park

Should your travels take you near Saint Louis, consider stopping by the Laumeier Sculpture Park to explore. This 105-acre park features 60 large-scale outdoor sculptures, is open year-round to the public, and it’s free. It’s also dog-friendly! Your dog is welcome to join you as you explore the Outdoor Galleries as long as they remain leashed at all times and you clean up after them.

You will want to check the calendar before you stop by to make sure there are no special events going on. Although the park is dog-friendly, dogs are prohibited at some special events, so you’ll want to make sure your dog is still welcome if there happens to be a special event going on when you plan to visit.

3. 66 Drive-In Theatre

If you find yourself near Carthage and are looking for a relaxing activity to add into your trip, why not try the 66 Drive-In Theatre? It’s inexpensive, relaxing, and your dog is welcome to join you as long as they are well-behaved.

Parking spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you’re stopping by for a popular movie, you’ll want to show up early. You’ll also want to have cash on hand. Although plastic is accepted at the concession stand, the entrance is cash only.

4. Windy’s Canoes, Tubes, Kayaks, & Rafts

If you and your pup are outdoor adventurers who also love the water and find yourselves near Eminence, consider spending a day with Windy’s Canoes, Tubes, Kayaks, & Rafts on a float trip or two. You can even bring camping gear for a two- or three-day float!

Plus, your dog is welcome to join you in a canoe or kayak as long as they are well-behaved and you clean up after them. However, dogs are not allowed in the rafts. You will also want to call ahead and reserve your watercraft so it is sure to be available when you stop by.

3 Dog-Friendly Hotels in Missouri

After a full day of fun adventure, you and your pooch will need a place to stay and get some rest. It’s important to find a dog-friendly hotel while you’re planning your trip and to book your room early. Most of the time, hotels offering dog-friendly rooms have a limited number available and they can fill up fast! Here are a few dog-friendly hotels in Missouri that could work for you:

1. Hilton Branson Convention Center

If you’ll need a place to stay near Branson, check out the Hilton Branson Convention Center to see if it’s the right fit for you. Although there is a pet fee, you are allowed to bring two dogs up to 75 pounds with you. The pet fee is an additional $50 per stay.

You’ll also have your pick of rooms as all the rooms in this hotel are pet-friendly! As long as your dog is well-behaved, you can even leave them unattended in your room.

Plus, your dog will receive a welcome package upon check-in that includes dog bowls, a dog bed, a dog mat, and a door sign indicating there is a pet in the room for use during your stay.

2. Moonrise Hotel

Should you need to stay overnight in Saint Louis, consider making a reservation at the Moonrise Hotel. At this hotel, you are welcome to bring two dogs of any size to stay with you. There is a pet fee, which is an additional $45 per stay and per dog.

This boutique hotel features a modern and quirky design for a sophisticated look and feel and is located in one of the most vibrant districts in St. Louis. You will want to call ahead and reserve your room because pet-friendly rooms are limited.

3. Hampton Inn St. Louis Chesterfield

Located near St. Louis in Chesterfield is the Hampton Inn St. Louis Chesterfield. At this hotel, you are welcome to bring two dogs of any size with you and there is no additional pet fee.

All the rooms at this hotel are pet-friendly, so you’ll have your pick of rooms when you call to reserve. You will have to make sure you can take your dog with you when you leave the room as they are not permitted to be left in your room unattended.

3 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Missouri

You’ll pack plenty of snacks and food for your trip. But, if you stick to only that and convenience stores, you’ll miss out on the local flavor and cool dining experiences. If you find yourself near one of these dog-friendly restaurants around a meal time, consider stopping by to switch things up and keep it interesting:

1. Three Dog Bakery

You won’t find much in terms of human food here as this food stop is all about your dog! The Three Dog Bakery is a must-stop for you and your dog if you’re near Kansas City. In addition to a staff that will welcome your pup with open arms, your dog will also be able to enjoy free samples.

There is a treat buffet available for bulk treat purchases in addition to doggie spa products and even personalized cakes for your dog! There is certainly something for everyone whether they walk on two legs or four.

2. Biggies

Biggies is a neighborhood bar and grill that is located in Saint Louis. In addition to a large and varied menu, they also have dog-friendly seating on the outdoor patio.

No matter your taste, you’re likely to find the perfect fit at Biggies. Plus, your dog will receive a water bowl, so your dog can hydrate and relax with you while you enjoy a meal together.

3. 44 Stone Public House

If your travels bring you near Columbia during a mealtime, consider stopping by 44 Stone Public House for a bite to eat. This local favorite is a restaurant and bar that offers Irish, Scottish, English, and Welsh-inspired dishes on their menu in addition to a full bar. Plus, they have ample outdoor seating that is dog-friendly!

There’s no need for traveling with your dog to be stressful. By starting your research early and using dog-friendly travel guides, you can plan a stress-free trip both you and your dog can enjoy together. Here’s to safe travels, happy trails, and wagging tails no matter where your travels may take you!