National Dog Week: 3 Ways to Celebrate

It's a dog!!!!!We all know dogs are wonderful. They are endlessly loving, patient, sweet, funny, and all around amazing.

R.W. Purche described it best when he said, “Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong.” Dogs (and pets in general, really) deserve our utmost respect, our attention, and our love.

The last full week of September is National Dog Week. This week, we plan to honor our furry friends properly and we hope you join us. Here are a few suggestions on how to celebrate National Dog Week:

Be With Your Dog

Simply make a point to spend more time with your pup. Go on more walks, play more fetch, or heck, make them something special. Your dog is always having the best time when they get to be around you. This can be while you are playing or while you two snuggle up and watch a movie together.

As long as they are by your side, they are happy. Why not make that time fun for them too? It will give you a chance to get some exercise and you will feel better knowing that you and your pup have even more memories together.

If you already take your dog out regularly, give them plenty of healthy food, and generally spoil them all around. Then you can always do the not-so-fun but the oh-so-necessary job of scheduling a vet appointment. They may not seem thrilled by the opportunity, but they will be happier for it in the long run.

Encourage Humane Treatment of Animals

If you are not a pet owner or simply want to support a good cause, you can always celebrate this week by donating and/or volunteering at your local shelter. By doing so, you are supporting the humane treatment of animals and you will be able to help out pets in need first hand. Often, this means simple tasks like feeding, cleaning out kennels, or just taking everyone out for a much-needed walk. Whatever the task, you will feel better knowing you helped out your fellow being and they will feel better knowing that you care.


If you are able to afford and have time for a furry friend this week is a wonderful time to consider adopting a pet from a responsible breeder or shelter. There are plenty of fantastic dogs in the world that are looking for their forever home. If you have room, time, and the means to take care of a pet, this can be a great way to open your heart to a fantastic opportunity.