National Pet Memorial Day: 3 Ways to Help

DogThe second Sunday in September has been established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAPC) as National Pet Memorial Day. Mourning a pet’s death can be a difficult time. You need to give yourself plenty of time, patience, and room to heal properly. If you’re unsure how you are going to heal from the loss of a pet here are a few activities and ideas that may help you.


You can always volunteer at your local animal shelters after the death of a pet. This will help you spend time with furry friends. They will be endlessly thankful and you will feel better knowing you opened your heart to other pooches and kittens.

Volunteering at animals shelters is simple and can easily become a regular event. Staff will always be happy to hear that you want to volunteer because there is plenty of work to be done. Just be sure to wear comfortable clothing. You will be running after pups and helping feed all the animals. While this may not fill your heart immediately, with time you will see that you’re spending your time well and honoring your pet’s memory.


If you do not have time to volunteer, you can always donate items or money. There is always a need for food, blankets, toys, and pet beds. The staff and animals will always be happy to take your donations and you will know they will be put to good use. Just be sure to always have the items sealed and contained in their original packaging. Otherwise, shelters will be less likely to take them to avoid flea infestations or food contamination. This will help you and animals in the long run and help you mourn your loss and honor your pet.


When you are ready, you may want to consider adopting another pet. You should not feel guilty because you are bringing another pet into your home to love and care for. Your pet that passed away would be happy and proud to see that you were ready to love a new pooch or cat again. Just be sure to adopt your new furry friend from a reputable shelter or breeder. This will ensure the health of the pet and the quality of life for the both of you.

Healing after the loss of a pet can be difficult but if you give yourself enough patience, time, and room you will be just fine.