New Jersey Dog-Friendly Travel Guide

new jersey dog-friendly travel guide - small brown and white dog in a carPlanning a trip to New Jersey, but don’t want to leave your furry family behind? The Garden State has you covered! With a wide range of places to stay and things to do, for both you and your pup, New Jersey is a fantastic destination. With this New Jersey dog-friendly travel guide to start your research, you can plan a trip both you and your dog can enjoy!

5 Dog-Friendly Activities in New Jersey

Taking your dog on the road can leave you with a stressed out and pent-up pup. Being trapped in a car for miles just to be trapped again in a hotel room isn’t ideal for dogs. No wonder they get cabin fever on road trips! These are a few great dog-friendly activities in New Jersey designed for getting that energy out – for your pup and for you. After all, car rides work up some tension for people too!

1. Donaldson Park

Donaldson Park is nearly 90 acres in size, and features a glistening river with a small pond to splash around in. If you’re hungry, bring food to the picnic area for a beautiful afternoon in the park.

There is also a designated off-leash area for dogs where your pup can run to his heart’s content! Plus, there are four lit tennis courts, if you have other human companions along for the trip. Remember, your pup can always fetch the tennis ball when you hit it out of bounds!

2. Paulinskill Valley Trail

More into an active hike than a leisurely day at the park? Paulinskill Valley has a 27-mile trail to really get the blood pumping! The trail stretches through scenic farmland, beautiful forest, and several interesting landmarks. The space is shared with horseback riders, however, so if your dog scares easily, keep that in mind!

3. Fairview Farm Wildlife Preserve

Headquarters of the Raritan Headwaters Association, the Fairview Farm Wildlife Preserve preserves the natural flora and fauna of the northeast. In fact, it’s home to over 175 different species of plants along with roaming turtles, coyotes, and even bears! If you and your pup are looking for a little less adventure than that, there’s also a butterfly and bird garden.

4. Absecon Lighthouse

One of the nation’s oldest, and tallest, the Absecon Lighthouse also boasts a restored living space and museum for you and your pup to explore. While you can’t take your dog to the top of the lighthouse, you can take him on the grounds and in the museum as long as you bring a leash!

5. Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area

Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area is a precious little gem of a beach park, which is an undeveloped section of the Manasquan Inlet in New Jersey. It’s a wonderful place to take your pup for a day trip. It’s also a great place for families with children. The whole family can enjoy activities held by the park’s staff, and check out the wildlife.

The park’s website says that dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash. When planning your visit, make sure to check in with park staff. Don’t forget to read the signs indicating where dogs are allowed in the park and where they are not, as this may change according to conservation needs.

3 Dog-Friendly Hotels in New Jersey

It’s not always easy to find lodging for pups, but it’s far from impossible! Below are a few dog-friendly hotels in New Jersey to consider while planning your trip:

1. Showboat Hotel

Whether you love hitting the casinos, or just appreciating the beach lit up at night, Atlantic City is the place for you – and your pup! The Showboat Hotel not only allows pets, but welcomes them.

They have a pet park available for all guests and their furry families! Along with organic doggy treats and only a $50.00 pet fee, the Showboat Hotel is ideal for beach trippers and their pups.

2. Ocean City Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Pamper your pup at The Ocean City Mansion Bed & Breakfast, and don’t forget the hot breakfast! This historic site boasts seven themed suites and two apartments for your comfort.

True dog lovers, the proprietors even offer a dog-sitting service that includes walking, feeding, and petting, of course. With this hotel, your pup can get the care he needs while you get a night on the town. The pet fee is a modest $39.00 per dog.

3. Extended Stay America

If you’re enjoying your New Jersey vacation so much you decide to extend it, look no further for lodging. At Extended Stay America in Mount Olive, they specialize in longer stays. Their spacious rooms offer workspace, and play space, for you and your pup. For $25.00 per pet, per night, you can stay for weeks on end!

3 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in New Jersey

While you’re out and about, it can feel a little unfair for your companion to keep eating the same old puppy chow while you get special treats. There are plenty of incredible restaurants and eateries that have a special menu just for dogs. Check out some of these great dog-friendly restaurants in New Jersey!

1. Wonder Bar

The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park hosts a “Yappy Hour” where pups and their owners can spend time together in a restaurant setting. The area is fenced-in so all guest dogs can frolic freely! There’s even a swimming pool just for dogs. The Wonder Bar’s deck is open seasonally, and is reserved for adults over the age of 21.

2. Pupcakes and Pawstries Barkery & Shoppe

The owners of Pupcakes and Pawstries devote their entire shop to dogs! They develop and sell custom dog birthday cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Along with novelty pastries for dogs, they also sell locally-sourced meat patties for dogs with digestive difficulties. Dogs are welcome, of course.

3. Brickwall Tavern & Dining Room

Want to catch the game and kick back with friends, but don’t want to leave your pup behind? The Brickwall Tavern & Dining Room has craft beer and a classic tavern menu for your enjoyment. With sidewalk seating for you and your pup, you can have a relaxing evening out together!

Although this New Jersey dog-friendly travel guide is a good place to start your research, it certainly doesn’t cover everything. If you find something else you want to do, just make sure your dog will be welcome to join you before it becomes a part of your trip.

If you love traveling with your pup and are headed somewhere else, check out the other dog-friendly travel guides available. Here’s to safe travels and wagging tails no matter where your adventures may lead!