Where Are They Now? Simon “Greg” Dooley

Simon "Greg"
Simon’s proud graduation from basic puppy training. We like to say “first in his class.”

Though we are always happy to send pups to their forever home we are thrilled when we are told how they are doing.  We want to make sure the new family is comfortable and happy.  From the message below to his graduation picture, it looks like Simon “Greg” Dooley is doing quite well since he turned six months old:

“Back in October 2016 Green Field Puppies helped send Greg to us in Franklin, MA. When Greg arrived we could not have been happier. We were wrong. We become happier every day. Simon “Greg” Dooley, as he has been christened, is simply a joy to be around. He is now six months old and keeps us young. We have never been around a puppy who is so happy to meet and greet people, children, and other puppies. He has quickly become the neighborhood “mayor” with a need to say hello to everyone he sees on a daily basis. He never has a down day.

Thanks so much for helping to bring joy to our life!”